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  1. BShanahan14rulz

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    sources uncommon 12-pin connector, uses only 6 conductors
  2. BShanahan14rulz

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Fireflies are cool, until you squish 'em out of curiosity, then they stink. For anybody wondering, I've not intentionally squished fireflies since I was a child, but the smell still haunts me. Glowing fingers was cool, though.
  3. BShanahan14rulz

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Water we supposed to do with this? Nobody's guessed it yet, this thread's taken a dive. A neon else have a clue what this could be?
  4. BShanahan14rulz

    M140 Test load

    It drops 1.2V when 3A flowing through it. It will drop less voltage if you are sending less current through it, you can probably assume 0.9V per diode at 1.8A.
  5. BShanahan14rulz

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    It is the distinct "color" of silver. Somehow that was going to be my guess too, even though I usually start off with ridiculous guesses. Although, it could also be wadded up candy bar wrappers that went through thw wash a few too many times, or a miscellaneous collection of pocket lint.
  6. BShanahan14rulz

    Is the END of portable lasers nigh?

    Who cares about efficiency? If you are worried about efficiency, skip DPSS, and don't even look at ion lasers. I'm still unsure why we care that easily purchasable high power portable lasers are going away. Is this not a step in the right direction?
  7. BShanahan14rulz

    CPU heatsink for 100W LED panel?

    Those are nice, I always thought it was funny that AMD comes with those stacked fin triple heatpipes, while intel stock heatsink is extruded aluminum, or sometimes copper cored extruded alu. Just make sure to use the fan with it when on full blast, and don't drill into the heatpipes ^_^...
  8. BShanahan14rulz

    New large holes in Siberia.

    "blue is land, right?"
  9. BShanahan14rulz

    Jokes thread!

    I still only think Archer when I hear ISIS.
  10. BShanahan14rulz

    Saw a tank on the back of a truck today

    I was thinking an off-shore barge near the western US coast. Running fiber from California would be cheaper than running it from CA all the way to Antartica ;) Reminds me, I need to see if anything new regarding google fiber in my area :p
  11. BShanahan14rulz

    Would it be safe to look at 1.6W dot?

    So, the answer is, "It depends." What's all the argument about? Lots of power emitted from a small point is bad. The more power or smaller the point, the worse it is. Just say "It depends," and ask an open-ended question about the original poster's valuation of one of their eyes; of both...
  12. BShanahan14rulz

    Moving to China?

    A veritable land of monochromatic milk and high-power honey. :D Hope it works out for you!
  13. BShanahan14rulz

    M140 Test load

    make sure your meter is in amps mode, and that you use the 10A setting and the 10A banana sockets. Most meters will blow their fuse if you use the normal voltage sockets, as they are fused at ~250mA, while you'll be measuring current closer to 1800mA.
  14. BShanahan14rulz

    Invisible beam?

    Does it ever flash brighter than the dim dot you normally experience? If it does, that's a good indication that your diode may still be fine, and that you just need to charge your batteries to determine if it is simply not enough supply voltage, or if the driver is broken. Are you using 16340...
  15. BShanahan14rulz

    3x2x0.25 Battery?

    For those wondering, the approximate normal dimensions are: 6x50x76 (6.35x50.8x76.2mm according to google, rounded down) The theoretical designation for this lipoly would be 605076. best of luck on your search. Remember, higher power cells will often have lower capacity, if both take up same...
  16. BShanahan14rulz

    Charging problem

    Also, the standard cheap charging chip blinks red until charged, at which point, solid green. If you have a voltmeter, it might be worth while to monitor the cell when using that free charger. Anything higher than 4.2V across the battery, then remove power and wait until better charger shows...
  17. BShanahan14rulz

    I dont even know what to think [Suggested 18+]

    If you don't have a camera, you might as well fork over your rights up front.
  18. BShanahan14rulz

    Saw a tank on the back of a truck today

    We have enough members to be a small town. What say the Vets become this town's police department and we get us an LPF tank?
  19. BShanahan14rulz

    35/55/75W HID help

    I don't have any experience with this light at all, but one trick often used for unlocking or switching mode groups is pressing a power button off and on really qucikly a certain number of times. Probably not the best idea for an HID if it tries to ignite every time, so this may not be it, but...
  20. BShanahan14rulz

    OPEN SOURCE: The "Heavy Load" - REALLY high current (10 Amp) test load

    I demand knife switch for jumper, and 4 AWG wire with banana plugs for ammeter connection. DO IT NAO! Nah, I kid. Cool project, though. I like the thought of using a piece of open source equipment that has been "group-thunk" rather than something made by one person.