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    A laser derringer.

    Hello. This is a picture of my latest ray gun. It's a work in progress, it's machined from 70/76/T6 aluminum, and some brass for contrast. This will be a fully functional device, With sound effects recorded by me (From the laser in "Goldfinger" the James Bond movie.) It has a digital readout...
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    3 W Driver

    Hello. Does anyone know when the 3A "ADJ" SXB-2 (Super X-Boost) driver will be available again? Ed.
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    My first attempt.

    Hello. I have made a simple unit to start with. Consisting of a 445nm diode and powered by a 2.3 amp X-Drive V6. The battery is a Tenergy 3.7v/250ma. 20c Li-Polymer. Also shown is the beam combining prism I intend to use on the next step. I know this is simple and crude compared with what I have...
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    Multiple diodes.

    Hello. Is it possible to mount two Nichia NDB7875 445nm 9mm Laser Diodes into one heat sink? ( Where the body of the diodes are all connected.) I am machining a heat sink block from solid brass and mounting a beam combiner cube prism. I want to use separate drivers with a common lithium ion...
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    Press fitting 9mm diode

    I am not sure how to ask this, Would someone tell me the precise dimensions for press-fitting a 445nm M140 Diode? I am machining a copper mount and can't find the information to make a press-fit. Thank you for any help you can give. Ed.
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    Fiber optic getting hot

    hello. Can anyone tell me if plastic fiber optic filaments (1.5mm. dia.) in a bent length 1" long can handle the 445nm. 1 watt laser diode without melting? Thank you. Ed.
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    15 watt c-mount power supply.

    What values would be needed to safely power a 15 watt c-mount 808nm. laser diode using a constant current (DDL) circuit? (I'm using a LM338T instead of the LM317.) Thank you for any help. Ed.
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    Possible cooling for pocket-size burning lasers?

    Hi. I'm just posting a URL for a micro blower that could be used for cooling high watt laser diodes. Murata Fans & Blowers | Mouser I got this from a friend. I'm going to try using this on a 1-watt blue laser diode. It's very small, but puts out a LOT of air! yet it's about 1"X1"X1/8" in size...
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    5w laser from china.

    Hi. I'm thinking of buying a laser diode off Ebay: TO-3 Package High Power 5000mW 5W 808nm Infrared IR Laser/Lazer Diode LD.($ 188.00) Does anyone know if this is worth buying? Ed.