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    Could not Sleep.

    Well I was having a hard time going to sleep so just messing around.
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    HeNe Lasers

    Have a look here and tell me what you think.
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    Possable Heatsink for Aixiz Module

    I was looking around on my favorite PC website and came across these. They look promising, but I will have to buy some to see if the core can be drilled out to fit the module. EDITED: Fixed Link
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    My DIY Red

    Well I couldn't wait for my module to come so I put a diode in my old ebayser module. I was going to make a tape cut and match lite video but thought, why not cut some CD case up. So I did, I would have went all the way to the end but I have no heatsinkage at all. click ;D me Ok I have...
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    Nexium Clock Mod

    Well was cleaning today and came across this Nexium clock. I was about halfway to the trashcan when it hit me (MOD) So I took it apart and drilled out the back cap to lase would fit snug but still movable. I got a kick out how well it work so I hope you do too. Here come the pics :)
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    New X85

    Well my X85 came today and NOVA surprised me bib time. Not only was it here today but they gave me one of those sexy cases to put it in. Also I got a key switch which works great. Here is a pic .. So Happy EDIT: I forgot ... 99mw Peak & 87mw Average
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    Mocking Bird

    Well this is a mocking bird that I rescued 3 years ago as a youngin. I compressed the video by half and also cut the length by about half. So quality is lacking. Not to mention the my camera skills SUCK. BTW after I set the bucket down and you hear those thuds. It would be the mealworms I am...
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    Think Lasers

    Has anyone seen this site before? http://www.thinklasers.com/
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    Tons of members

    Was going to look to see how many members this forum had. Was thinking maybe 300 or so but WOW "Members (361 - 375 of 2797)" I stopeed at page 25. BTW just bored waiting on my laser to get back :)
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    Laser Magic

    Check this. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/24793/
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    My X65 :(

    Here is the thing. I have Noticed the the power button on my X65 is starting to get a lil weird. I now have to press much harder on button to get it to work. It will still make click noise but nothing will happen until I apply a little more pressure than it used take. Is this common?
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    X65 vs Electrical Tape & Match

    This is my first video so be easy :) Added on a Sharpie match lite to last movie
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    WTB 532nm Goggles

    Anyone selling some 532nm shades? pseudo has got me covered... thanks all
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    Got my X65

    Just got my X65 and WOW :o Peak 95.8 and average is 84.9 Will get some pics up later today. Happy :)
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    Nova there??

    Can anyone here tell me why nova's email doesn't work or their phone?? Need to know so I can stop payment if I have to.
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    Must have LASER

    Ok, as you folks said b 4. These things are "very" addictive. Haven't even got the one I busted in the mail to SenKat yet and already looking for another. DX 100mw or Viper 55mw Can really only afford one of those two. What do ya think??"
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    IT burns.. IT BURNS

    Hi folks... I have actually been reading this form for a wile and with the purchase of my new EBAZER 50mw, had to register :) I have gotten it to light matches with no mods or lenses but have to be very close. QUESTIONS: What type of bats to use, rechargeable or not? don't care! Should I buy...