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    Motor from a projector

    Hi, It's a long shot. Most of you know a famous projector stuffed with a lot of laser diodes what shine on a yellow wheel. The wheel is rotated by a motor. Thus, my question. What is this motor? It has seven pins. Some numbers on the cable but nothing googles out. Thnx for any help.
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    A TV tower with lasers

    The Vilnius [Lithuania] TV tower will get lasers what will be arranged to form the Christmas tree. Lasers will shine from top to down (green) and sideways (multicolor, my guess RGB type). They will be setup not to point to planes. Lasers will light on Dec 25. Graphic picture.
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    Nobel Prize to a 405 nm inventor

    This year the Nobel Physics Prize went to three scientist who worked on blue LEDs, one of them S.Nakamura developed a blue/violet laser too. Let's celebrate :san: a pic from Wiki
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    Green 507 512 532 beams' comparison

    Did not want to hijack Review: 510nm Direct Green Diodes / Build Photos (DGH-N1, DGH-N2) at http://laserpointerforums.com/f45/review-510nm-direct-green-diodes-build-photos-dgh-n1-dgh-n2-69678.html Three [507 nm and 512 nm] lasers are a diode type. 532 nm - a DPSS laser. All beams were defocused...
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    NIST about cheap green lasers

    The article at The dangerous dark companion of bright green lasers | SPIE Newsroom: SPIE The dangerous dark companion of bright green lasers It is interesting how they use common laying-around things detect a 1064-nm radiation :) Worth to read.
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    hi hi

    Just now joined the forum and want to say hello-hallo . I am with lasers more than 15 years - experience in from CW to fs, from constant power to ~80 MHz modulations, from UV to IR :whistle: Disclaimer: My company sales lasers too, however I'll not advertise them here :can: