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    Optotronics Premium +30mW (verified 37mW) Green Laser

    Re: Optotronics Premium +30mW (verified 37mW)Green Laser Sorry, just added - as I was making the thread, I went to edit the title, and as my hand moved from the keyboard to my mouse, my palm hit the Enter key on the numpad.
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    Optotronics Premium +30mW (verified 37mW) Green Laser

    Used only once for about 5 minutes (adhering to the duty cycle) to impress my (now-ex) girlfriend. She was impressed, but then got all scared when I told her the real dangers of lasers and didn't want me to use it again. :D Anyway I've been buying a lot of toys and things lately and so am...
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    Aries 20 Laser, 20-34mW, Glasses Yes or no?

    Better to be safe than sorry, don't you think? :)
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    583.8nm and 589nm, the golden brothers

    Gorgeous shots, I'm jealous.
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    swamidog on BBC World News

    Ha, too cool, congrats!
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    When were laser pointers at their peak of popularity?

    Not numbers per se, but hype and prevalence in pop culture is sort of what I had in mind.
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    When were laser pointers at their peak of popularity?

    Here's one example I was able to find (4:25 in), FWIW:
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    When were laser pointers at their peak of popularity?

    I picked the 90s because it just seems like both from what I remember and in watching and reading back on things, that's when the traditional pointers seemed the most "in" and cool/hip for the general public. It's interesting to look back on old wrestling episodes and clips from the 90s. Very...
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    When were laser pointers at their peak of popularity?

    Am I right in thinking it was sometime in the 90s?
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    What's your first memory of a laser pointer?

    Thanks for both the negs and plusses guys. :D;)
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    What's your first memory of a laser pointer?

    Hehe - my interest in laser pointers comes and goes. For whatever reason, the memory of my first experience with a laser pointer came back to me and I remembered this forum and thought it would be interesting to hear others' first memories.
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    What's your first memory of a laser pointer?

    Mine was at about age 7. My neighbor and friend had just come back from the beach with a small keychain button cell red laser pointer that came with a ton of different caps. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. After that I begged my parents to get me one of my own, it took a few years...
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    Red or green: what's your personal favorite?

    While I do think green lasers are cooler due to the added complexity in the design, the fact that they're brighter, and you can see the beam much more easily... my personal favorite between the two is still red. Not only do I find the red color more pleasing to my eye, I think there's also some...
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    Alkaline vs. Lithium vs. NiMH

    Is there any risk of this resulting in an appreciably lower lifespan of the laser if using a quality lithium (Energizer/Duracell)?
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    Alkaline vs. Lithium vs. NiMH

    Is there a "best" battery type for laser pointers? Regardless - what's your favorite battery type to use with lasers, and why?
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    Which reasonably-priced greenie mW power for a "holy crap" beam?

    I've currently got a "<5mW" green laser and while I don't know if it's actually a <5mW since I got it from a friend and it seems to be a no-name, the beam is visible outside at night, and inside at night too if the room is dim enough. When I first got it I thought the visible beam was awesome...
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    Global UKAS laser?

    I just got a laser for free from my cousin. Looks like a no name, but I'm not sure... according to the warning label it's a class IIIb 532nm, and the little instruction paper that comes with it (in a little metal case) says on it "GLOBAL", then it has an ISO 9001-2000 below it. Next to that it...
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    Can anyone recommend me a good <1mW red laser?

    @lasersbee, @midias, thank you both for the suggestions, but I'd really like to find a Class II rated < 1mW. @JBTexas: Thanks for the suggestion. It uses button cell batteries unfortunately, but I guess I can live with that (not really a fan of the design though ;-). Can you tell me what the...
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    [solved]how far will 5mw green laser beam travel at night?

    Sorry to go off-topic here, but @Ibuprofen200mg, I notice you have the AtlasNova red laser pointer. Quick question, do you notice any battery / other rattle with that pointer?