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    Bluray Laser Help

    I just got my laser and put it together. When I turn it on, the beam is not a focused dot. It looks like a snow flake... Is this normal for BR driodes? I tried to take a pic but my phone doesn't pickup anything but the main dot. I thought it was my eyes but I tried it with a few other people and...
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    Bluray 100mw Diode Driver

    I ordered a PHR from charliebruce here on the forums. I can make these drivers with my eyes closed. I built 3 more for 3 reds and all work fine. These f***ing blurays just dont want to work!
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    Bluray 100mw Diode Driver

    Would it be suitable grounds to say that my driver is fine because my red works flawlessly on it? Honestly, the only thing I can think of is the lack of power... The driver operates any red diode flawlessly. This is the diode I am using. New 100mW 405nm Blue-Violet blu-ray Laser Diode - eBay...
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    Bluray 100mw Diode Driver

    I'm not sure what the problem here is. I just made another driver based of the old DDL circuit(lm317t, 100ohm pot, 10ohm resistor, cap, diode) and it runs my red 120mw's beautifuly from a 9v source. When I connect my BR diode, it blinks for a split second and shuts off. Is it my power source...
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    Bluray 100mw Diode Driver

    Its been a very long time since Ive posted here. I saw a kid playing with a little laser and it brought back memories. I checked ebay and the prices of bluray diodes has dropped. So I couldn't resist. I bought my self two bluray 100mw diodes. I tried to use one of my very old drivers which I...
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    FusionDrives GB - CLOSED

    I received the email. I dont want the drivers. I want my $55 dollar refund.
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    FusionDrives GB - CLOSED

    CV086553763AU cant be tracked online, only via post office. Ive sent a few stuff with this and i was never able to find a site where i can track the item.
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    what do you drive???

    ATM we got a Toyota Tarago, we are selling that off and getting an RX8.. Cant wait! In the end i wish to own a Porsche Cayman or a 911(977) turbo or maybe even the new Skyline GTR 2008 :P
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    Brightest Torch [$50 dollar Budget]

    I'm going to probably get one and im going to get it tested for output. If the output is lower than the stated, i will try and push it to see how far it goes.
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    WTB: VERY BRIGHT TORCHES[$50 or less]

    Im in need of very bright torches, something which will be alot brighter than the MXDL torch mod. If anyone has anything to offer, or knows of torches for under $50(preferable around $30) PLEASE post here or PM me. Im talking torches with around 100m throw if not more GO GO GO
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    Brightest Torch [$50 dollar Budget]

    Hey all, Well after completing the MXDL torch mod, its brightness is amazing. Its very useful for fishing at night and other stuff. I want to see what other torches people here can recommend for under $50(preferably around the $30 dollar mark) which will be much brighter than the MXDL torch...
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    MXDL mod for Super Bright Flashlight!

    Ive sucessfully completed this mod. Took me a while as i had a MXDL housing and it went missing. I then had to order another one while i waited for the back ordered voltage thing to arrive. It works sweet. My main problems were getting the damn wire to solder to the emitter terminals! I got that...
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    sweet switch

    What would you have it do in a spirograph? They seem really cool but also sound pretty expensive. It also doesnt sound like we can just buy 1 or 2 to try em out either :(
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    for sale.  projection T.V. lenses

    I bought a "Faulty" LCD projector off ebay for $35 dollars. I fixed it my self(abit of solder) and now ive got my self a projector which uses globes that cost $8 dollars and last 500 hours. Only downside it its halogen and the heat produced by the globe is huge.
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    fs; br laser (120) SOLD

    Re: fs; br laser (120) Are you using GB diodes?
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    Optics collection, portable laser housing FS

    I want to see a picture of the portable laser housing you have. PM me an image or something.
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    for sale.  projection T.V. lenses

    1 inch? It cant be. Most optics(from projection TV's) can be used for a DIY projector and they are around 350mm - 500mm focal length. Or is that 1/2 foot to 1 foot?
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    for sale.  projection T.V. lenses

    Are they fixed focus? Do you know the throw of the lens?
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    WTB: Green Laser

    I'm sick of waiting for the DX back orders which take 3 - 5 weeks. I'm looking for 3 - 5 50mW DX pen/pointer style lasers. Not the TRUE ones, the other cheaper 25 dollar ones. If anyone here knows where i can get these kinds of lasers for the same price or has some to offer please let me know.
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    GB CLOSED: DDL driver "plug n' play boards"

    Why not use TWO RCR123A, each provides ~ 3.6 v power, total 7.2v which is fine for reds. If i am wrong, somebody correct me and help this man out\