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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Re: FS: >110mW Blu-Rays - available I just got my IgorT Blu Ray 118mW !!!!! I am very happy. I have worked with alot of DIY laser makers and Igor is top notch!! I got the laser in about a week and half (including two weekends) and I live in California. The build is excellent, and I was...
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    Just bough a RPL 425 : )

    Should be happy with it. I got an RPL 300 that is about 325mw from Jack and it is excellent. Of course yours should shoot an extra mile or two ;)
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    FS: Laser Power Meters $150 *SOLD OUT!!*

    Re: FS: Laser Power Meters $150 *more available* Received my power meter today from Kenom!!! Excellent.... works great! Very happy to be able to test and stay up on battery power life for these bad boys. thank you again for another fine product.
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    Sony 20x burners $24 at Newegg

    Just bought 4 of these. will see how they turn out.
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    >200mw 650nm pen laser for sale! (new price)

    I will take it for $150. How much time have you put on it?
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    Question about Optics for lasers

    I mainly have lenses- Biconvex, Biconcave, plano convex..etc. also have an assortment of prisms. but when i shine a laser through these I am not sure what I am looking for. I almost enjoy shining the laser through other glass objects around the house more. Now are the lens assortments for...
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    Question about Optics for lasers

    Could someone give some ideas or uses for Optics to use with lasers. I have bought an optics kit, but am kinda at a loss of what to really do with them. so any helpful hints or suggestions of uses would be greatly appreciated.
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    Blu-ray compact laser pointer for sale

    what is the mW output of this laser?
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    Modding an AtlasNova 635nm?

    Does anyone know how to modify one of these to get more power out of it?
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    Yes i just missed the group buy. Does anyone know the price if ordered singley? that is if i can't find 10 people in the near future.
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    Looking for a non complicated power meter and sensor to measure my lasers. Looking for something reasonably priced and not over technical to get the reading. I already contacted Die4thing and he no longer sells them due to inability to get Sensor.
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    FS >150mw Red laser (Kentorch) Dorcy Jr.

    I just got mine and it is GREAT!!!! Can focus it well and have the time to do it. Thank you kenom.
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    UPDATED! - >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER

    Re: >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER This makes me wonder if the 150mw new CNI laser is what is being put in the new Wicked Laser Elite, and Wicked is just repackaging it in their own chasis and charging an extra $300 for their silver chasis. any thoughts on this possibility?
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    Optotronics is a great company. I own a RPL-300 and the RPL Blue 35mw. Both exceptional and overpowered!! Jack is very professional and easy to work with.
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    new to the list I found this site after being lost in Wicked Lasers forum for a while. however after i found this site i found out about Optotronics and ended getting two great lasers from Jack. So i was reading these forums weeks before I joined.