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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    I'm anxious about getting my first 1W laser up and running. So I don't care if the barrel is unpolished and unanodized because it'll be cheaper and easier to paint on. I also have the problem that I'll be moving within 2 weeks so I won't have internet access after then.
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    Rectangular, 12-pin cans?

    Well the one I had turned out to be infrared and my brother burnt it out. The good news is while cleaning out some old boxes I found another sled with a similar diode in it.
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    I've got an OD 4-5 (depending on wavelength) and while it doesn't do justice to the true brightness of a 445 diode you see enough to do what you need to.
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    OH SH** I left the forum for a while and forgot to remove my name from the list of grooves. Since you made one for me and all I guess I have to pay for it. Is there any way I can do partial payments to make this more affordable ? BTW how much do I owe ?
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    Rectangular, 12-pin cans?

    Glad I bothered to search before posting because this gives me enough pin out to work with. I harvested one of these 12 pin rectangular diodes from a CD-RW drive and I've been scared to try it without decent info on the internal workings of these.
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    I really wanted a groove and I had the money for one as well but my mom found a really good price for my first car ($250) so untill I can use that car to get a job I'm out of money. :cryyy: So i think I'll have to drop out of this GB and wait for the next round unless it's possible to pay...
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    Anyone grow anything in their garden?

    let's see....... blueberries,green beans (didn't do very well), tomatoes , tried to grow squash and failed this year, sweet potatoes,cucumbers,cherry tomatoes, Basel, and broccoli that never grew more than a few inches tall. Oh and peppers too.
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    World's most epic spam

    This makes me want to make a review of similar quality only referencing a laser. On second thought I ought to add a candy compartment and make it a sonic screw driver. It would make it all that more epic for everyone to contribute their own reviews on the product. Oh and it would be that...
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    LaserFerret signing in!

    HA! another victim *rubs hands together evilly* my plan to rob every cent from noobs by causing them to buy cheap novelty lasers is working! *cue evil laugh* Btw the cheap red lasers will break instantly if you take them apart but a few lucky people (myself included) have been able to modify...
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    On sams faq it says that adding magnets to a HeNe laser makes it brighter. The details are complex as to exactly why this works but it has something to do with preventing part of the IR spectrum from being properly aligned and amplified which means that there is more energy being spent on...
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    The computer barely loads pages as low as 12mbps but I often get as high as 50mbps. (drat the borrowed wi fi)
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    Ebay $9 blu-ray pens: GREAT!

    Good review I've been contemplating buying one of these any way. Now I know their quality is worth the money.
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    did anyone have any weird ideas as kids?

    You can do this in dreams and with psychic perception methods but in all actuality your eyes auto focus meaning that you DO in fact zoom in when you look at something far away. Btw the paper view idea is quite funny :crackup: . About the umbrella idea water is attracted by a static charge (HV...
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    did anyone have any weird ideas as kids?

    I have no Idea what you're talking about. I still have weird thoughts like this. For example the day before I graduated from high school I woke up with a thought that wouldn't go away (which frequently happens). What I thought that day was that "females were more likely to be caught in boobie...
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    Direct-Drive 445 Host

    My resistor is 2 ohm which is the lowest I could find in my pile of electronic scrap. If I want to go any lower I'll salvage a potentiometer to do the job so I don't have to keep soldering and unsoldering resistors to get the right one.
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    has your laser ever gotten you into trouble?

    A smart terrorist would spend their money on conventional bombs or a nice CO2 laser. Even the united states government has the technology in place to target and kill a single human from space using a laser though as far as I know it hasn't been used as of yet.
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    How We All Started.

    I had had a red laser soon after the price dropped below $5.00 which I quickly became board with and dissected them only to find out that I had broken a perfectly good laser that had no cool or useful parts. Over the years I bought several more $5.00 lasers,got board and promptly dissected them...
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    some avatars make me angry

    @ TJ I like the other pic better though it's not as funny.
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    some avatars make me angry

    It makes sense that you would treat someone based on their avatar pic because what they post directly reflects their personality. I actually find that I treat a person by their signature more frequently than by their avatar. I can't get over TJ's sig pic and take him seriously while it exists...
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    LPF's Religion

    I have noticed that my argumentative nature tends to get me into enough trouble that I never get a good reputation on forums but I also notice that I admit my errors when I'm wrong frequently enough to prevent being banned though I'm getting better at ending trouble before it starts. :( I would...