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    405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER

    Re: 405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER awwwh, thanks! ;D
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    405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER

    Re: 405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER yeah, i think i might order a few more than 1, as i previously posted... ;D can't wait!
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    FS mirrors? where?

    I used hot glue to mount mirrors to motor pegs and it worked great. Put a dab on the shaft of the motor and a dab on the mirror, let them both slightly dry so they are tackyish then stick the two dabs together. presto! and if by cooling fan you are talking about something like a pc cooling fan...
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    Homemade lasershow for school

    umm, the erratic movement of the beam after hitting the speaker mirror sounds really dangerous actually. unless you can guarantee, 100% no doubt, no matter what that the beam will not land any where in or near the audience or anyone for that matter, then you are running a large risk.
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    Argon Maintenance

    I'm 99% sure dpss don't need to be ran like argons. I think that is just an inherited characteristic of gas lasers... EDIT: Psst, why would you EVER not touch a laser for months??? :P
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    Post your car spec and pictures

    Well, the car is way cheaper with a v6, better gas mileage. Plus the v6 has a stronger engine block anyways, so it can take more forced induction without forged parts.... But yeah, i wish it was a v8 but stroking it and a super charger you can get 300-400hp from a v6 with decent gas mileage. Not...
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    Post your car spec and pictures

    Fenders flares came on the vehicle when i bought it, self taping screws. So i won't be removing them and leaving holes ;) and I am planning on getting lowering springs with new struts and roll bars and freakin wide tires that should give an aggressive stance. As far as the engine goes, its a v6...
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    Post your car spec and pictures

    Here's my 2003 Mustang... not bad for a 17 yr old ehh?  ;D Edit- Dang, just noticed this pic is old.. well i painted the calipers red with caliper paint, replaced the antenna with a stubby one and added a chin spoiler to the front bumper since this pic. And other upgrades include a new cold...
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    Tryied pot modding, added 100mA with no change

    maybe you are saturating the crystals? then adding more current wont do any good accept reducing the diode life...
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    Lasers for sale or trade: Yag CW, Diode Modules &

    Re: Lasers for sale or trade: Yag CW, Diode Module I got my hene today, thanks! questions tho, how do i wire the power supply up? 5v in to red, black to ground? then whats the white/yellow striped wire for? EDIT***Okay so red and yellow to 5v and black to ground. i found a thread on the same...
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    US, say goodbye to DL...

    Well, since you want to buy a Blu-Ray, I am assuming that it will be a DIY from a user here and you won't be buying from a company, so you won't have to worry about any restrictions if there were any since the DIYer could list the laser as a flashlight on the customs manifest, but anyways, no i...
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    Biggest Nd:yag rod I've ever seen

    Way to ruin the party!  ;) Kidding of course, we need guys that know what they are talking about, like you, to keep us in check sometimes  :-[
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    Yellow glory!!!!

    yellow is so beautiful... :'( but so expensive... great pix!!
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    Lasers for sale or trade: Yag CW, Diode Modules &

    Re: Lasers for sale or trade: Yag CW, Diode Module ...Ill take a 1-2mW HeNe tube w/ power supply ;D $25 right?
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    Lasers for sale or trade: Yag CW, Diode Modules &

    Re: Lasers for sale or trade: Yag CW, Diode Module any cheap low powered red henes with power supply?
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    Street Sign Laser Warning

    Well the photo is called "Laser_by_Initio" Initio corporation produces microchips... Perhaps Initio is a town or name of a military base in Denmark or where ever it was taken... doesnt Initio mean "beginning" in latin? i only took 2 years of latin tho so im not sure....
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    Trashed thread- Hopefully the last flame war

    Re: FS- >130mW "Beasty" Blu-Ray o come on dave, first this thread is a flame war, now its a my...laser.. is bigger than your...laser... ::) ;D
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    Suggestion For A Tutorial

    Yes you do have to remove the resistor, i should add that. i was just using the resistor as a reference point ;) But no you don't replace it with a wire (?) i didn't at least... My only problem was the damn post office not sending packages like they were suppose to.. and my 60mW is a complete...
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    Suggestion For A Tutorial

    do you just want to have a pic that shows the solder points? i can do that if you want... [EDIT] Remove the resistor when soldering your leads to the PCB. Its left in my pic as a point of reference for the positive point ;) i'd suggest waiting for my info to be verified by a more seasoned...
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    Re: WTTOSOSIDTTWBTRPTSTSINALBWE: TV tuner card diachi, pssst, you can hook up the tuner card by putting a y cable on your video cable so then the video will go to your tv and your video card, because in my experiences video cards have slight delays from when they "see" the signal to when it...