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    Anyone selling a used laser show?

    i already know you dont find cheap scanners... maybe i should have said lower mw's... i've already looked at that site and the shipping is what gets you on there low prices...
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    Anyone selling a used laser show?

    bump.. anyone know of someone?
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    Anyone selling a used laser show?

    RGB or RGY to be more specific... Animations are a plus but i rather have a good beam show.. Any builders out there? Plz post prices of the cheapest mw ones you can make.
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    Any info on this thing "LaserMax"

    idk wat i should do... i wouldnt kno wat im looking for if i take it apart and i wouldnt kno anything about looking for hene... being unexperienced maybe im better off selling it?...
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    Any info on this thing "LaserMax"

    wat are the useful components? is that len-like looking thing next to the diode a useful component?... wat exactly should i be looking for... its kinda big so if anyone has more advice.. plz speak up cuz i wanna harvest and get rid of it.
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    Any info on this thing "LaserMax"

    i read online that there could be a tube of gas or w/e that might be able to make HeNe... and i want to take the diode out to see if it has anything... but i dont experience doing so and i wouldnt wanna wreck it...
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    Any info on this thing "LaserMax"

    title says it all .. anyone ever see one of these before.. my school was guna thow it out but i saw laser and asked to have it. I was wondering if i can use the laser in it or if it is just to small
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    Great service from Optotronics & Laserglow

    could u get some beam pics of them at night for us? :D
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    GB LaserGlow...  CLOSED!

    Re: Possible GB Green, Blue, Red and Yellow lasers i got a gift card for $200 bucks so i hope it comes to under that .. i can ask my frend to help me out but he jus helped me buy a laser so i dont rlly wana be a burden cmon people dont u want a yellow laser!!!!
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    Daedal's new BluRay LASER

    bluefusion u have my interests too.. im looking for one at about $100 do you have any pics of previous ones you have made?
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    GB LaserGlow...  CLOSED!

    Re: Possible GB Green, Blue, Red and Yellow lasers do u have an estimate of how many people are looking into the GB or possible costs yet?
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    GB LaserGlow...  CLOSED!

    Re: Possible GB Green, Blue, Red and Yellow lasers i agree...
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    GB LaserGlow...  CLOSED!

    Re: Possible GB Green, Blue, Red and Yellow lasers it seems everyone one in this thread wants a yellow.. well so do i so if we get a lot of people for a yellow or even blue group buy depending on prices i might join!
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    Welcome, Boblasers !!!

    they are selling "blue crystals" from what the diagram shows you jus place the YAG and then BiBo and then a collimating lens in the path of a red diode and u get blue?... sounds a lil too easy to me? can sumone explain this for me? and how much would these crystals cost anyway??
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    *SOLD OUT* >150mW mini red lasers for $63

    Re: >150mW mini red lasers for $63 ill definitely look into those blu rays if its anything like your reds
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    New concept products - MINE!

    hmm the 40mw blu-ray and the yellow laser sounds great but im not sure i would want a yellow of 300mw's...wats the highest mw you can make a yellow with for around $300... im kinda low on cash because im saving up for maybe a RGY scanner.. though im trying rlly hard to find RGB...but i doubt ill...
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    Wicked Lasers Part 2

    Hey SR... im sorry u got banned.. u were only trying to help me... im still on LC but im starting to enjoy this forum much more... im starting to become interested in laser show scanners.... but im still curious and those blu-ray diodes... ;D