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    Anyone in the Ohio Area with an LPM?

    Hey, This may be in the wrong part of the forum-- but Is there anyone who has either purchased the rayfoss 1W 445nm, OR lives in the cincinnati, Ohio area that owns a LPM.:anyone: I'd like to find out (as it seems most people do) if the rayfoss 1W is truly a deal. I'm willing to be the first to...
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    lasers 2 go site?

    Hey guys..just looking for some input about this site: LASER2GO I'm looking into their 42$ multiwavelength goggles for protection in particular: Multiple Wavelength Anyone else buy these? i did a quick forum search of LPF for the site and anything about it. I only noticed one person suggesting...
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    Glasses Question

    Hello! I've been looking around on the net as well as the forums for which glasses to use to protect from the IR wavelength as well as green 532nm. I am very weary of mainly the IR as opposed to the green wavelength. I found a few multiple wavelength laser-shields: NoIR LaserShields: Laser...