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    Hercules-450 for sale!! Make me an offer!

    I have a 3 year old Hercules-450 laser. I got it because I called at the right time. This is the laser that sent WL into chaos! When I got it it was graphed averaging over 450mW, but now operates at a little under 400. Less than an hour on the diode as I only used it for short pulses. I can...
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    Hercules-450mW+ Laser + 2 safety googles

    Hi, I purchased a Hercules-450mW Laser at least two years ago and it has been the best laser I have ever used. Its portability and versatility is completely unmatched, not to mention its power, which is the absolute highest on the market. Its pretty old at this point so I'm rating it...
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    WL section on Futureweapons is REDICULOUS

    WL has an ad up on their photonic disruptor page, apparently it was on futureweapons. Its one of the most ridiculous examples of blatant false advertising I have ever seen in my life, if not the worst ever. In the video, a terrorist with a hostage runs out a door and a soldier points the thing...