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    Got some goggles but..............

    When i go to focus the beam, i sometimes cant even see it unless i shine it on a white wall then focus it. If i try and focus it on something black, i dont know where the dot is :-? Is there an easy way to be able to focus on something 15ft away? ( i can barely see it at 1ft away)
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    Pinout for diode from Aixiz?

    http://www.mfgcn.com/_wsn/page1.html Its the 650nm 200mw diode (kipkay project) I need to know which one is pos and what is neg and which one i can cut off EDIT: Figured it out myself..thx :)
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    Got my first laser! and need some help

    Well i got my first laser today. still need to find a housing and a switch for it. I got it focussed and made some things burn ;D but......there is a halo around the dot that is quite annoying. Also too when i go and shine it on the wall, it turns into a huge dot. The further away i go, the...
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    good flashlights to mount aixis and board into?

    I have the stuff in front of me. aixis module with 250mw diode and the board to drive it. Just wondering whats a good flaslight to mount this all into? 2aaa or 3aaa? i can set the board up to use eithor.
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    Take apart dorcy hawkeye?

    I cant for the life of me unscrew the head of the flashlight. I want to me able to put my aixis module and circuit board in there. With this flashlight do i need a board? how do i take apart this sucker?
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    Anyone delt with Ashton on here?

    Has anyone bought or sold anything to Ashton on here? Just wanna hear if hes good or what :) thx
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    Where do i start?

    Im looking (not hard enough i guess) on a "how to build your own 150mw or higher laser" Is there a simple guide on what i need to make my own? I have plenty of handheld flashlights that use 3x AAA batteries
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    WTB: 150mw or higher handheld laser

    I dont care if its green or red. I live in edmonton alberta canada if that helps. Would love to buy local but prob impossible. I pay using paypal message me here or email me at: encino AT telus DOT net (fix the AT and the DOT)