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    Lpc826 not bright help

    I just recently bought 2 lpc826 diode and placed them in a housing and when I tried hooking it up to my lm317 driver set at 500+ ma , and it just produces this small red dot and I don't think it's supposed to be this weak.would be great if anyone could help.
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    Hello guys

    Hey guys so I just registered and joined the forum and hope I learn from you guys and hope we get along
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    Im NEW to building lasers pls help with blue laser pen

    im new to buliding lasers and im planning to build my first one.im planning to build a blue laser pen. Please tell me if these parts will work together. Blue laser diode: Osram 80mW 450nm Blue Laser Diode (TO56 5.6mm) PLT5 450B - OdicForce Laser boost driver: 0 - 1600mA Boost Driver Board for...