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    [DealExtreme] 5mW True green laser pointer

    DealExtreme 5mW 532nm true green laser pointer First of all, I want to say, that I have this laser for a quite long time and to be exact - a year and a half. If anyone is interested - it cost 10$ back then, and now it is only 8$. SHIPPING AND PACKAGING The shipping took about two months...
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    A+++ for DJNY (keychains)

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give a big +++ feedback for DJNY. I bought keychains not long time ago. It was my first purchase directly from user, no companies, guarantees or so on. So I had a lot of questions. All of them were answered ASAP :) DJNY even sent the lasers by priority and with tracking...
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    WTB : Laser for 50$

    Hi all, I'm not saying, that I will REALLY buy the lasers u will offer me, but i will see, if there's any fair deal, that i could accept. I could pay max 50$ including shipping for the laser (rechargeable batteries + charger + adapter from USA to Europe + safety glasses would be nice either...
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    Q: How to make Laser projector/show?

    Hey guys, I've just had an awesome idea, why shouldn't I do a laser projector, that would automatically react to music, and would light after the music rhythm. Here's an example of what I want Laser show , of course, it would be more than enough 1 laser projector and other things that I would...
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    Laser for 50$

    Hello. I need an advice. From lockerz i received 50$, i should receive PSP, but well...anyway, better than nothing. So, what laser can i buy for 50$, that shipping would be free to Europe (Lithuania), or maybe laser would cost 30$, shipping 20$ and etc... So, what strong laser can i buy for 50$...
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    5mW true green laser pointer from DX

    First of all, i want to say hello, because i'm new on this forum and on laser things. And here's the problem : I've ordered 5mW green laser pointer, it shipped on November 13, everything looks perfect, but, my friend ordered 30mW laser on October 18, and it been shipped on October 21, but he...