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    Gogglels for 650nm?

    Who are the better vendors for goggles for filtering 650nm? There's an Ebay vendor called ZoneStealth, with an auction here: http: // cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220200274713 (sorry about the spaces...LPF won't allow me to post links yet) Anyone have any idea if those are decent?
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    Laser diodes--Anyone know about these?

    I think this vendor has been selling these on Ebay for a while. Anyone know anything about the diodes? I think the diode is supposed to be J8Y4M4C by Mitsubishi. See Ebay item number: 120222334538 Seller is Crystallabs (Sorry, I guess my lack of seniority prevents me from posting direct links)
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    Source for Compact portable, hi-watt under $100?

    Anyone have any recommendations for sources for Red portables, 150mw or more, under $100? Hopefully something with decent diode longevity (which diode brands? Senkat?) Thanks