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  1. Zathras

    Mail Fraud Definition

    There's been a bit of talk here lately about a certain company. Also the term 'mail fraud' has been tossed into the arena. Here's a link to the definition of Mail Fraud and the limitation imposed by the statute. The Mail Fraud statute doesn't apply to international mail...
  2. Zathras

    Looking for Fog Machine recommendations

    It's almost Halloween and I need a fog machine. Looking for a recommendation. Now I'm not looking for one of those wimpy $40 ones you buy at Walmart or PartyCity, but something with power. I want to do the front lawn ......... about 2000 sqft. I may sneak a low power laser or two into the fog...
  3. Zathras

    Looking for a recommendation - quadcopter

    There are a few old threads out there on this subject, but at the rate things change these days, they are also a bit out-of-date too. So that's why I started a new thread. With the demise of RadioShack I picked up the "Surveyor Drone w/camera" for less than the link states. I'm hooked. I've...
  4. Zathras

    Blord custom build

    I would like to call attention to a custom build I recently comissioned from Blord. It is a 638nm opnext single mode diode in the familiar GF-1 host. Here is Blord's chart of the output. It's a great piece and recommend Blord to anyone looking for a quality laser.
  5. Zathras

    A tale of 2 green lasers

  6. Zathras

    What is the purpose of this combination?

  7. Zathras

    Hello from NJ