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  1. jnhowett

    Awesome Day for Mail

    Hey all, I just wanted to show off these two awesome things that I received in the mail yesterday. One is a Jetlasers Ti-b 100mw 532 and the other is a Microtech Zombie Tech :drool: Both are beautiful pieces of engineering awesomeness... Let these pictures do the talking!
  2. jnhowett

    Did I Kill My Brand New 532 Module?

    I just got my module that I ordered from nexbox360 in this thread and it was working perfectly. Then today I noticed one of the input leads on the driver was starting to come off, so I strengthened its solder joint and. While I had my iron heated up I removed the spring. Not thinking to much...
  3. jnhowett

    SOLD: nospin 5W LPM w/ OPHIR Thermopile

    SOLD awaiting payment I wish to sell my nospin LPM even though I may never own one again... Here is the original thread, of which I borrowed most of my information from 5 Watt Laser Power Meter Features: True Ophir Thermopile 1mw to 5 Watt range >20 Watts damage threshold Automatic Zeroing...
  4. jnhowett

    SOLD: Very Overspec 300mw 532 DD Firedragon

    SOLD I bought this a few months ago from InfinitusEquitas who purchased it during the group buy for these a while back. Here is his LPM test I have had peaks near 700mw Asking $200 shipping included If you have any questions just ask
  5. jnhowett

    Paintball Gun For Sale Feeler

    Don't know if there is anyone on LPF who is interested in paintball stuff but I am selling my Invert Mini. It is a barely used electronic marker capable of over 20bps in its original box and all original tools and parts included, color - dust bronze. I also have an Empire Magna Drive loader...
  6. jnhowett

    Vote for beam shots!

    There are definitely more than 60 people on LPF! Come on, vote for your fellow members ANYONE CAN VOTE! :wave::wave: VOTE HERE :wave::wave:
  7. jnhowett

    This Just Needs Some Lasers!

    WAXMtUCcp7o This is pretty sweet! :drool: But I think they need a laser projector or two...
  8. jnhowett

    2W 808nm diodes

    I just purchased this 2W 808nm laser diode lot of two I figured $25 for two 9mm diodes shipped isn't bad. Does anyone know about these diodes?
  9. jnhowett

    Mitsubishi 500mw 638nm diodes

    Has anyone ordered one of these yet now that the price has come down? 635nm 500mw red leaser diode $109.99 Seems like everyone was so in to the 300mw version that nobody really noticed this one was out again.
  10. jnhowett

    SOLD: XBOX 360 and 11 games $250 Shipped

    Here is everything... Lightly used Xbox 360 that has never gotten the Red Ring Of Death a 60GB HDD HDMI Falcon motherboard Dashboard version 2.0.9199.0, one wireless controller with battery, and all the cords it came with. It also has Bejeweled 2, Castle Crashers, Tetris Splash and UNO on the...
  11. jnhowett

    Wicked Lasers Trying to Turn Around?

    Here is the Email I received today, what are your thoughts?
  12. jnhowett

    SOLD ONCE AGAIN: James Bond's >1.8W Laser Pistol $200

    Up for sale once again !!!Bond has decided to turn in his custom Walther PPK style laser!!! You could own this One Of A Kind high powered 445nm laser for $200 With Batteries LPM tested at >1.8W:drool: This laser utilizes a 1.8A jib77 driver and is powered by two 17500 batteries...
  13. jnhowett

    SOLD: Complete 445 Survival Laser

    Basically, here it is. >1W Survival Laser uses 2 RCR123A size batteries or 1 18650 battery for lower power (~200mW). [SIZE="3"]Comes with everything you see here. Host 445nm diode pressed and soldered Copper heat sink Aixiz lens w/ GITD dust cap Lens focusing spring Allen wrench...
  14. jnhowett

    James Bond's Laser Pistol

    Hello everyone, this is my first full DIY 445 build and I am pretty proud of it. Modeled after a Walther PPK I dissected and modified this airsoft pistol into a high powered 445nm laser. It took me a while to dremel the metal frame to accept the parts and modifications that I wanted to...
  15. jnhowett

    Possible New Host

    Has anyone bought one of these before. Does anyone else think it would make an awesome DIY host? It is a green laser posted at 20-50mw. Runs on two AAA batteries that fit into a "magazine" battery pack. I was thinking that this would make a pretty sweet host and was thinking of getting one...
  16. jnhowett

    405 help

    I am trying to build a 405nm laser. Here is what I have. Coleman MAX host / heatsink from Mohrenberg AW 17500 li-ion Battery 405 G-1 lens Microboost drive set to 550ma BDR S06J diode After waiting for the diode to arrive I assembled everything today and to my surprise no beautiful violet beam...
  17. jnhowett

    Ha, New Guy...

    Hey everybody, I joined LPF after reading through a bunch of interesting threads and becoming very interested in this hobby. Unfortunately I didn't find you guys sooner because I fell into the "Wicked" trap. I ordered a 200mw S1 Lunar back in August 2010 and just got my Green E3 last week. I...