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    WTS:  Nova  X105  Laser

    Nova X105 Laser like new. Only used for about two minutes. Peak output: 125.0 mW Average op : 114.8 mW Purchased Nov. 12, 2007. Camera date not accurate. Comes with the neat aluminum Nova case. Plus a pair of Nova safety glasses. (190-449nm OD 5 + 450-532nm OD 6+) and glass case. Not...
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    Bought a laser,...then bought another brand

    New to the forum. Before I found this great forum, I was searching for a green laser via surfing. I bought a Spymode 125mW green laser. Have not received it yet as it has only been a week or so. Found this forum and read others posts and learned about the diff. companies,...the good and the...
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    Hello I'm new,....and Improved

    Hello all. For years I always loved weapons, precision machines, etc. I have been working on and building firearms for many years. Built many 1911 45 ACP pistols to a point of perfection. Starte to get a little tired of it all lately. Looked for a new hobby. Even when I was young I loved lasers...