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  1. randomkid

    Sanwu Striker 1000mW 638nm & 4 Batteries - $200 CAD + Shipping --PRICE DOWN $35--

    Hello, Selling this laser for the monies. Works perfectly, the host has minor marks on it but no obvious scratches. I can send the batteries in a separate parcel if necessary.
  2. randomkid

    *SOLD* 1-1.3W 445nm in Ultrafire Host --- $70

    *SOLD* Hello, I recently upgraded to a more powerful laser so I am selling this one. I originally bought it as a kit from Garoq. It is in perfect working condition, but there is some wear and tear. You can see in the pictures: What you get: -One pair of goggles that are safe to use...
  3. randomkid

    1 - 1.3 watt 445nm Survival Laser review-ish

    I'm not all that great at making reviews, but at least I can tell what it can do and what it cant do. Here it goes. Here is the 1 - 1.3 watt Survival laser from Garoq: It came nicely packed in a small box. I paid a total of $209 for the laser, including shipping, and the copper heatsink...
  4. randomkid

    Got my Survival laser today

    Hey everyone! Today I finally received my 1 - 1.3 watt survival laser from Garoq. it took a long time to get here because Canada post was on strike... I have a couple of questions. 1. Should it be able to light candles and set magazine paper on fire? I can't get it to do it... 2. Should it...
  5. randomkid

    red and green laser beams on a foggy night

    enjoy! Please give thumbs up if you like it! YouTube - red and green laser beams on a foggy night
  6. randomkid

    what kind of laser does a ps2 have?

    Hello, I'm just curious as to what kind of laser a play station two has, if any. :P I'm asking because I found a cheap ps2 for sale on the internet.... Thanks.
  7. randomkid

    ipod 4 jailbroken - help

    Hello everyone, I got my ipod 4th gen about a month ago and last week I decided to jailbreak it out of impulse. (I know it was a super dumba$$ move) I jailbroke it with limera one or something and it went fine, but when I tried downloading a theme it froze. The first time this happened I plugged...
  8. randomkid

    200mW dies right after power on

    Hello, I just got a laser today from O-like. It's the cute 200mW greenie. It was really really bright and everything was perfect... but 10 minutes ago I was shining outside and it suddenly died on me. D: I tried turning it on and off again, but it now dies a less than a second after power on. :(...
  9. randomkid

    Sum red laser beam shots

    Old pics in the fog: A foggy day: and on a humid night: the night shots were taken today. I hope you enjoyed!
  10. randomkid

    O-like with cheap 400mW greenies?

    400mW green laser torch /focusable/waterproof [OL-532-300] - $196.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products does anyone have any info on this? I just bought a 200mW green laser from here for about the same price, and then this came up. D: I know it probably wouldn't be 400mW...
  11. randomkid

    a quick qestion on whic to get

    Hello everyone, I'm getting a laser for ma B-day bt I' not sure which one to get from these two: New cute pocket Green laser 200mW /adjustable [OLCGL200] - $146.00 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products New Gatlin Green laser 200mW/waterproof/adjustable [OLGA-200] - $189.00 ...
  12. randomkid

    deciding on a laser for my friend, have some questions.

    ok, so my first questions are epicly n00bish. - when people say a 50mW green laser is visible at night, do they mean just barely visible, or amazing awesomness visiblity? - how visible would a beam be in a dim-ish room for a 50mW? - a fifty should be able to pop balloons at least, right? so...
  13. randomkid

    a simple and noobish question...

    would I be able to buy this laser: DealExtreme: $2.62 Red Laser Point Pen (2xAAA) take out the module and replace it with this? DealExtreme: $46.81 200mW 532nm Green Laser Module (3V 11.9mm) I know it wouldn't be even close to 200mW, but I'm going for something similar to this without spending...
  14. randomkid

    light scattered around the dot

    hello everyone, I have a problem with my new laser. There is lots of light around the dot, like mini dots.... I can't really explain it that well.. and that's why I have pics: I tried blowing the lens to "clean" it but it only made it worse... any idea what this is, how it got there, and...
  15. randomkid

    200mW red adjustable waterproof laser from rayfoss

    okay, so I got my rayfoss laser last week. www.rayfoss.com It took about 3 weeks I think, and it arrived in great condition. only one super tiny scratch.. not even noticable. It came with the battery and charger, and I charged them up right away. The laser is very bright and works great...
  16. randomkid

    Hello from Canada

    Hello everyone, my name is Devon and I'm from Canada, Ontario. I'm 13 years old and I'm a complete N00b to lasers and electronics. I've learned some stuff here from different forums and it's quite intereting. My other hobbies are carnivorous plants, and a bit of reptiles. I also love...
  17. randomkid

    looks for a laser that burns

    Hello everyone, I'm a complete newb to all of this kinda stuff... I just want to buy a laser that can pop balloons, light matches and burn other stuff. So, does anyone know where I can find a laser for sale that is under $75 and can burn stuff? Also, can 50 mW burn stuff, or does it have to...