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    Taking my laser collection on a flight.

    I am visiting some friends next month and was wondering if I would run into any problems bringing some of my lasers and batteries packed in my carry-on bag on the flight. The flight is in the USA.

    Future 1w+ 520nm laser build

    I will be buying the NDG7475 1W 520nm Laser Diode In 12mm Copper Module W/Driver from DTR's Laser shop in about a month, and was looking for some pointers cause this is my first build. I was wondering the things I need to build a proper host, I plan on machining whatever parts I can but aside...

    Looking to buy good focusing 445nm 2-5W blue laser

    I am new to the laser hobby and was wondering what is the best site to get a quality high power blue laser that is between 2W and 5W. I have been looking at the sites laserbtb, dragonlasers, wickedlasers, and jetlasers. I have read much conflicting info regarding some of these sites in whether...