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  1. Zathras

    Dumb things you’ve done as a kid.

    Cut part way through my thumb between the 1st and 2nd knuckle. Took a few stitches. Bled so bad I had to hold the slice closed with my other hand, so I couldn't drive myself to the hospital. Parents weren't home so I had to go over to my 75 yr old neighbor, explain it to her (without letting her...
  2. Zathras

    Dumb things you’ve done as a kid.

    Made an AC/DC power supply. Put some honking big capacitors in it. DON'T TOUCH THE BARE WIRES! Yeah, I know that. Did it anyway. Damn I can still remember how it felt and that was over 40 years ago.
  3. Zathras

    Sanwu 60mW 488nm Pocket Laser Review

    Nice review. I was just on their site looking at this laser. I would love them to do a 589 in this series also. Old post (Feb 2019) but sill relevant
  4. Zathras

    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Turn and face the strange David Bowie
  5. Zathras

    A 488 edition to the collection!

    That is really nice. Just looked at the site and it's quite reasonable too. May just have to get one. +rep for bringing it to my attention.
  6. Zathras

    Household Deathstar

    That's crazy, have some +rep.
  7. Zathras

    Photobucket just deleted;

    ^^ Interesting that you can't even read the terms without them stopping your reading without bunch of 'block the page" ads first.
  8. Zathras

    Buy one laser- get 62 for free!

    Even though they shipped you 63 lasers for the original $9.20, they probably still made a profit.
  9. Zathras

    2W 470nm+ C6 20mm Overdrive Special

    Very well written and intriguing (love the color). Just curious, but do you know the weight of the laser with batteries?
  10. Zathras

    Pricedrop!: Offroad's Laserbtb sales thread!

    Re: Offroad's Laserbtb sales thread! PM sent for the Pen laser 520nm 50mW.
  11. Zathras

    Ears OR Eggs?

    Must be a quiet day with nothing to do in Canada, Eh?
  12. Zathras

    We lost another company!

    I have an HL532-300 that outputs 460mw. But I admit, I don't have it on for minutes at a time. It's on for less than 30 seconds then off until I need it again, not continuous. So basically, I'm no help here. :crackup: I guess a good thing to ask it "what does it output now"? The original 326...
  13. Zathras

    We lost another company!

    Wow. This really comes as a shock. I always thought highly of them. I guess all our BTB Lasers are now collector$ item$. <--- j/k. . RIP BTB.
  14. Zathras

    Explanation for my mysterious absence

    You were not here? No matter, you're back now. Just don't let her convince you to sell your lasers. If she does, call me first. j/k.
  15. Zathras

    In a dilemma

    Voted for 589. Even though I like the thought of a 473 someday, I'd hop on a 589 first.
  16. Zathras

    Couple pointers for sale

    2.8 W of 532? I think I'd be afraid to turn that on for fear of putting a hole in the wall. :crackup: That must be really bright. My 450mw is bright as it is, I can't imagine how bright 2.8W is.
  17. Zathras

    Customer Serivce(Roitherner Lasertechnik)

    Interesting price list - 133 pages long and no index. :crackup: Pen lasers start on pg 133 if anyone needs to know. What's the difference between the RPL-450 @ 5mw vs the Roithner 450 @ 5mw? They look the same except the Roithner 450 has no keylock? Cool.....a dual wavelength pen. And quite...
  18. Zathras

    Donald Trump Inauguration

    Ok, it's smoke and mirrors time. "Donald Trump pledges to bring back jobs." Well he didn't actually bring these jobs back, but he did cause the companies to create them........ And you know, there will be support jobs for these jobs. Companies (so far) that pledge to hire refugees...
  19. Zathras

    Donald Trump Inauguration

    Interesting to watch all of this (Trump's antics). It's all smoke and mirrors, you know, right? 1. At the most basic level, Trump is a businessman. Never forget this. 2. He's the man who wrote "The Art of the Deal". 3. All businessmen make deals. Remember these three points and you'll...
  20. Zathras

    New 589 build!! Only $ 8!!

    Wanted to rep you but the system wouldn't let me, said I had to spread some around before I can do it again. So "I'll be back".