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  1. dark racer

    laser driver getting hot.

    hey. good afternoon. i bought this laser module https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/1-6-W-445nm-Blauw-Violet-Licht-Laser-Module-Graveur-Accessoire-voor-CNC-Laser-Carving-Graveermachine/32976516190.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.75de4c4dyHjdyg wich arrived yesterday. i wired it up like this so the 12v...
  2. dark racer

    dvd laser raster pattern

    soo. i have been searching google but can't find anything. why do dvd lasers have this line pattern? (this is a glass cover over the laser) the laser eventually gets colimated into a dot small enoegh for the the engravings on the cd so why bother with the pattern?
  3. dark racer

    multi recorder diode

    backstory ok so recently i posted some questions about my homemade mini laser engraver. (it worked awesomely btw) but it was too small for my taste so i wanted to put the laser on my 3d printer and see how it performed. well i broke a wire on the laser driver so i had to solder that. (i...
  4. dark racer

    weird effect when changing current

    hey guys. quik question here. i am building a laser engraver and it's basicly my first time playing around with home made lasers. and i have a question tldr. i made my own laser driver. and when i adjust the current i see a weird effect and i don't know what it means. also i think i may...
  5. dark racer

    DIY aixiz module

    so. i am building myself a laser engraver from 2 old dvd drives. made my own driver. 3d printer the frame. excetra. anyway now i have gotten to the laser module part. i cannot find anything about making your own laser module. prefferably using the lenses from the dvd drives. every single...
  6. dark racer

    What laser to buy?

    i am looking for a high powered burning laser. i have been looking at the thor m2 https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-W-THOR-H-Series-Laser-Pointer-Blue-Laser-450nm-Burn-Paper-Adjustable-Laser/232716770633?hash=item362f001d49:g:D~sAAOSwdGFYy2Nu:rk:1:pf:0 originally found it on the laserpointerstore.com...
  7. dark racer

    are there guides for this

    are there any guides for building anything like this out there? i kindof need this in my life.
  8. dark racer

    do i have to worry .. diffraction

    so when i wanted to clean my lens i discoverd that without a lens it has defraction .. or a water ripple effect do i have to worry about this ? or is it harmless .. i know i did not have this problem before and with the lens on there is no problem . it's a nice clean beam and point another...
  9. dark racer

    how to clean your laser

    hi i have a 100mW 532nm laser since this is my first high power and expensive laser , i was wondering how to clean your laser properly. this is the laser i have maybe you guys know it . warnlaser 100mW green laser page . thanks in advance . ps: i searched the site and i could not find a tread...
  10. dark racer

    i am a noob please help

    i have bought a 100mw green laser 532nm from warnlasers. witch has a sloppy beam at a distance of about 3 meters the dot is about 3 centimeters big whith a spray of dots at a diamiter of about 12 centimeters . (right picture) in the picture the spray of green dots is not fully visable...