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  1. megha

    Looking for used 2.5W LaserBee

    Due to the fact that shipping with tracking and insurance from Canada to my country (Argentina) costs U$D 90.40 I'm looking for someone who wants to sell (for any reason) his 2.5W LaserBee with Data Logging. Almost sure that this person will be from US, so Priority mail will be ok for me (it...
  2. megha

    FocalPrice 1W "450"nm Blue Laser Pointer

    Hi there, I've seen this new arrive to FP. It's supposed to be a 1W 445nm laser pointer Focalprice.com offers 1000Mw 1000m 450nm Bule Laser Pointer Pen (Black) ,discount 1000Mw 1000m 450nm Bule Laser Pointer Pen (Black),1000Mw 1000m 450nm Bule Laser Pointer Pen (Black) products,low price 1000Mw...
  3. megha

    Help, I`ve burned my 200mW green DX module

    Dear users, I`ve recently received my 200mW DX module. The negative cable (blue or black) has soldered out. When I was soldering it again, everything was ok but later it has moved and made contact with R4 resistance (the big one, light blue). The laser emited green light as usual for a very...
  4. megha

    What you think about this KIT ? 808nm @ 500mW

    All the data: BIG GREEN LASER CAVITY C MOUNT DIODE CRYSTAL OPTICS ETC - eBay (item 170420736885 end time Dec-22-09 14:27:26 PST) 1) How much green output would it give with 500mW 808nm Input ? 2) Do you think this kit is appropiate and in good price for a beginner ? Costs: $109 COMES WITH...
  5. megha

    Questions about mAh [HELP A NEWBIE AS ME]

    Hi, I have to supply my new laser with a maximun of 12V @ 180mAh. (6x diode, 405nm, not GGW, maybe it`s the other diode, as SF-AW210) Laser details: http://laserpointerforums.com/f38/some-questions-about-my-next-250mw-405nm-laser-45666.html Which batteries do you suggest ? 4 x 3.0V @ 1000...
  6. megha

    Blue ray Laser SF-AW210 DIY 405nm 170mA @ 140mW (Uncollimated)

    PART 5: YouTube - 405nm Blue ray Violet Laser Burning. Lights a match at 2.5 meters. PART 4: NIGHTSHOOTING The human eye catch the color more violet and darker even the sky is clear and with no fog PART 3: ASSEMBLING / FINISHING I`ve finished assembling the kit. I`m using it at 170mA @...