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  1. J

    Dragonlasers 1w Bundle

    Selling a 1w blue dragonlasers Spartan. Info at the following link. Dragonlasers 1W Spartan Thanks
  2. J

    XML Headlight Project

    I'm making videos to document this project so if your interested just watch them as they are posted. All credit goes to jayrob for the heat sink and a lot of the planning so check him out. I will update as the project goes along. Initial Truck Setup:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL8MkU3-EB4...
  3. J

    1w spartan laser and accessories - $200

    I am trying to sell my 1 watt 447 nm Spartan laser. Included with the laser is 6 Tenergy LiFePo4 batteries and charger, laser eye protection, and a protective case to hold the laser. I am asking 200 usd shipped. If interested please pm me. Sorry about the poor picture quality i only have my cell...
  4. J

    Jayrob Maglite XM-L Review

    I recently purchased one of Jayrob's modded Maglite builds from this link:http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-1000-lumen-xm-l-t6-maglite-mod-voltage-monitor-parts-complete-light-59581.html It was his Maglite XM-L mod and i must say I was impressed. The exact set up I got was a 3D Maglite...
  5. J

    decided not to sell

    decided not to sell
  6. J

    Dragon lasers beam expander

    Hey guys im looking for a beam expander for my 1w spartan. if anyone is willing to sell theirs please let me know