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    FS: >90mW 405 BR pen style

    For sale 405 PHR-803T LD in a pen asking $170 plus shipping and insurance (optional). I built this over a week a go and is it still running strong.  This is set at 125mA and is running on 2 10440 3.6v batteries.  I have been running it with a cycle time of 1 to 3 minutes on and 1 minute off.  I...
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    405 pen at 125mA

    PHR-803T LD on 2 10440 3.6V running at 125mA pen pointer.  These LD are great and not a bad price either.  I have another in a Dorcy Metal Gear running at 100mA but this is much smaller and at a higher mA too.  
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    FS:405 BlueRay with Aixis module

    Ok, I have some PHR-803T (high output) 405nm BlueRay LD install in Aixis module for sale.  Asking $43 shipped to the lower 48 States or $40 for local pickup.  I would rather you pickup if you can because I only have time to go to the postal office once a week.  I'm near South Pasadena California...
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    200mW Aixiz LD

    Did some cleaning and found a 200mW Aixiz LD but need to know what the spec is.  I recall seeing some thing that said it's not a true 200mW CW as advertise.  Can some one point me to the thread or let me know what it is. Thanks
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    FS: Dorcy Metal Gear & MXDL red laser

    I have a Dorcy MetalGear flashlight that is very well built and looks professionally made.  It has a heat sink and a 420mA DDL style driver for a Sony NEC Optiarc open can LONG diode.  Here are the specification; MetalGear flashlight Heat sink Sony NEC Optiarc open can LONG diode Aixiz module...
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    look for a DIY Booster driver for a BlueRay

    Any one with a 1 or 2 AA booster driver for a BlueRay that want to share their circuit? I'm looking to build a Xbox BlueRay. ;) Thanks
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    Sony PS2 same as PS3?

    Is the Sony PS2 a blue-ray like the PS3? I have a working PS2 so I don't want to take it apart if it is not a blue-ray. :-/ Thanks