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    Where do you get your wire?

    Where do you gets wires for your builds? I need to know where I can get wire, 1mm or less for my builds.
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    Olike $ per mw! Day's GB $ per mw table too!

    Hello. I saw this thread http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1183732376 and it inspired me to make one for O-like! So here it goes hope this helps! I also added Day's GB. IF there any laser sites you would like for me to do a price chart for just ask, don't be shy  ;)...
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    Your favourite laser?

    Your favourite laser? Post pictures of your favourite laser here. :D Not your most powerful laser. (yes that means you daugin :P) Not your shiniest laser. Not your biggest laser. Your favourite laser! ;D
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    Selling lasers international?

    Hey. How can you sell lasers international? Say I'm in Australia how I do I get a lets say, a pocket pal laser into the USA? Can anyone give a little help here?