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    Pop or Soda or Coke?

    So what does everyone call their caffeinated beverages? Pop, soda or coke?
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    Blu-Ray Rainbow *update*

    I thought i would honor my freshly finished Blu-Ray build by shooting a short video of the fluorescence of my pop can coaster. (I'm from MN, its pop, not soda or coke ;)) Enjoy! and the following video is at night, as per TheGr8Revealing's request ;) (quality got kinda shot in the render, i...
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    WTB: Aixiz Focus Ring -Closed-

    Hi, i am looking to buy a focusing ring for an Aixiz module. So if someone has an extra one they can throw into an envelope for a couple bucks, let me know ;)
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    Replied To Icon

    How about the little picture next to a topic changes to something different when you have replied to that topic. Help keep track of which topics you have posted in... I know theres the My Favorites so you can sorta do that yourself, but it was just a thought...
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    MXDL Warning Labels

    Well, long story short i was bored and decided to photoshop up a blu-ray warning label for my DIY MXDL build which is a work in progress. Let me know what you think!
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    Circuit Help

    Well the goal of my project is to make an LED strobe light with IR LEDs. (Its for an effect in an independent film) but I also want to be able to use the same strobe as a IR flood light for the same film. I want to run 40 LEDs in the array with 1 indicator LED. Looking for the strobe to be...