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  1. Flaminpyro

    Do you like fireworks

    Here is a video trailer for a new fireworks video coming out soon. Enjoy :D
  2. Flaminpyro

    1 watt 405 BDR-209DBK

    I just made a new laser for myself in a new host it's KSH host which is a very nice stainless steel host, I should have taken more pictures but I wasn't planning on making a review. It has a X-Boost S-mini set to 870mA out the laser diode is a BDR-209DBK which is a 3.8mm 405nm diode the output...
  3. Flaminpyro

    Molten Metal fireworks

    This practice started over 500 years ago in china and is still going on today, pretty darn C:cool::cool:L
  4. Flaminpyro

    Pyrotechnic Magazine

    Howdy All Well you all know I am a pyrotechnican by trade and love all things pyro and I am always trying to sell it and get more people involved so here's the latest. Those of you that are interested in pyro will be interested in this magazine called Pyrotechnic Magazine it has lots of very...
  5. Flaminpyro

    WWB 27 Lake Havasu AZ.

    Howdy all I am back in the shop now and Western Winter Blast 27 was the best, we had some really good shows and some excellent big shells made by the members there were wonderful set pieces also, here are a few pictures and a link to the big show on Sat night, there was a extra treat put on by...
  6. Flaminpyro

    Any one want to have Fireworks replaced with drones

    This is Intel's idea of fireworks :crackup: watch?v=mOBQXuu_5Zw
  7. Flaminpyro

    SX4 build

    Howdy All well I could not resist getting one of these hosts and I am glad I did it is a great host for those high power builds as it has plenty of aluminum to suck up the heat ;) I decided to go with a color I didn't have so I picked a NUBM07E 465nm laser diode from DTR and a SXD-V3 driver...
  8. Flaminpyro

    Nwlem 2015

    Howdy All well it was a great LEM there were so many projectors running I forgot to count how may but there was at least a dozen running at any one time :D We had some gas lasers running also some big 3 phase 40 amp guys in Argo and Krypton so there was a good time for all :D I should have...
  9. Flaminpyro


    Howdy All I'm at the NWLEM right now having a good time and looking at thousands of laser beams it's being pod cast on line live if you want to look go to ustre.am/gTSz You have to use a capital TS in that address or it will not work. We are working now setting up more projectors but some...
  10. Flaminpyro

    Grounding Ring

    Howdy All well there is a new part in the inventory made for them hard to ground laser builds, it's simple and very effective. So most of the time I like to use the 3rd pin or the ground pin on laser diodes to ground the driver on the power side but there is not always a 3rd pin so some other...
  11. Flaminpyro

    Grounding ring

    OK here is a new part for them hard to ground laser builds. I like to use the 3rd pin or grounding pin that is on the laser diodes but not all laser diodes have the ground pin and it's not always easy to pick up the ground for the driver so I came up with this idea and thought it might help...
  12. Flaminpyro

    Rockets galore

    Well I'm back from blowing things up in the desert and had lots of fun making pyro and lighting it out in the desert, we also went and watched the Tripoli rocket club launch about 300 very large rockets out in the Black Rock Desert and that was fun until I almost got killed by a rocket that...
  13. Flaminpyro

    I'm Back

    Howdy All I'm back from vacation and all the pending orders will be going out tomorrow and the next day so hang in there there your stuff is on the way now :) I had a good time visiting with all my old pyro friends and we got to make some really impressive 24" 16" 12" 10" and 6" shells I got...
  14. Flaminpyro

    Worlds Largest Girandola

    This is very cool and don't be surprised but it has to be the worlds largest firework, so far :eg:
  15. Flaminpyro

    Need some help with 3.8mm LD's

    Howdy all I am in need of a few dead 3.8mm laser diodes to use for mock up in building direct press heat sinks so if any one out there has a few and would send them to me I will be glad to pay for shipping or give you something like a $5.00 discount on any thing I have in my laser shop please...
  16. Flaminpyro

    Worlds most expensive 1m power cord

    I guess I been out of circulation for a while or is this the worlds most expensive 1 meter long power cord @ $2351.70 :crackup: see here> Nordost Valhalla 1 Meter Power Cord New Slimline Series | eBay
  17. Flaminpyro

    Flaminpyro's outa here again

    It's that time again and I have to go to the desert and get a PYRO FIX :eg: so I will be be gone from here until the 30th or there about so if you order something don't expect it to be mailed out until after the end of this month :D Later...
  18. Flaminpyro

    Blowing things up in IOWA

    Well it was a very cool vacation and I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked but here are a few. This is a video of a multi break salute shell and the big boom at the end is called the "Bottom Shot" and the guy who made this one put a tad bit long fuse on it, that actually just...
  19. Flaminpyro

    RawPaul Host

    Here is new HOST by RawPaul he is a very good machinist and can probably make anything you need so give him a PM if your looking for something well made. I don't have a name for this host yet you will have to ask Paul but it's a good one made from Aluminum for two 18650 cells it came with a...
  20. Flaminpyro

    Flaminpyro is on vacation

    OK for those who order items between the dates of 8-4-14 and 8-20-14 I will be away from here and not able to fill any orders until after 8-20-14 so if you order something please don't file a PP claim just because it wasn't shipped within a couple days of you ordering it. I will fill all my...