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    i have an alpha 105 here: http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1207676989/0#6 pm if interested
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    Is this true for you? NWS NWS NWS NWS

    Re: Is this true for you? lol
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    Is this true for you? NWS NWS NWS NWS

    lol, yes 4 me.. ;D
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    WTB: WL 5mW Core

    and WL hase awesome shipping i must say, i ordered glasses and they came 2 days later(UPS courier)
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    favorite games

    well title says it here're mine: 1. deus ex 2. queke III arena 3. half life 1 4. world of warcraft (playing atm) 5. warcraft III tft(custom games ;D) 6. fallout II so what are your's?
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    The 7 Gaming Commandments

    i think the "7 commandments" were the trueset thing I ever heard, but about the orange box, i think it sucked. i only bought it for hl2 episode 1&2 which I didnt like too much either(portal made me sick i.e vomit)
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    532nm "UV"-like Paint?

    DONT try on your own LCD screen, but at school ones its ok ;D guess why
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    cool table

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=Celw6jBGNqM&feature=related i want one :'( edit: beter cooler links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKEOYfYQO08 source: http://www.dbfletcher.com/capstan/
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    Do a laser from zero.

    that guy has some 100w cohorent laser diode bars on ebay i think, just made for this purpose
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    My first laser was with Dr Towne

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    Other hobbies...

    the best game ever: WORLD OF WARCRAFT (not as dramatic as wanted :P)
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    Solder Kills Diode?

    i believe this problem could be solved with a hot air gün and some soldering paste, (hot air not nessesairxy). just put some lead based solder parste into the connector, and then put the diode in correct me if im wrong but i bbelieve that would work
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    490nm DPSS? alternative to argon?

    300mw for 3000?!?!!?! that seems EXTREMELY cheap comparing what you pay for lab/lasershow grade 300mw lasers(e.g 300mw of 473nm would prolly cost about 3k too...
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    Yesterday's IR Handheld Project

    so did you solder this? or do you have some special mount to put the diode into?
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    Yesterday's IR Handheld Project

    i've been wanting to paly around with such cmount diodes, but also wondering how to connect/solder them to power/driver?
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    WTB Flashlight Style Green Laser

    remember that green is temperature sensetive, for the night.. and when you get tem001 a beam can hit the apature causing a halo or unwanted leakige on the sides, which you dont want on a gun pointing at people
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    Review Island Online 10mW green laser pointer

    in order to htlink, you need atleast 10 or 20 posts, and about what mariomaster said, its true, IR is not such a big problem as all thinks it is under30mw mostly, if you got over 50mw you should start worrieng, but i dont think its as dangerous as ever1 says :P
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    What are the worst lasers money can buy

    ebaysers are usually ment as newwish fakes, or real ones, not sure, but just the ones like on DX and KD. EBAYSERS doesnt generalize lasers sold on ebay(lol) that would be retarded, cause on Ebay you see good stuff every now and then, e.g. all industrial laser stuff, mebe a bit expensive, but...
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    Anyone own a DX 35mW labby ??

    well i think some1 said that its easily potmoddable up to 75mw