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    Sound lasers inch closer to reality

    Wow, I never knew sound waves exhibited wave particle duality.
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    650nm dvd diode, what am i doing wronge

    If you aim at white paper it will reflect. Try aiming it at black pasticm black garbage works good too, start about a foot away then slowly move back.
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    Anodization of Aluminum Laser Parts

    Wow! Really cool. That white does look really nice.
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    Information driver

    I noticed in your picture you are using a 9V battery. That won't have enough current, unless it's for a Blu-ray.
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    Question about DDL driver resistor

    Ok thanks you two for the replies. I think you did send me that resistor Jay, I think I put it in my parts box thinking it was the one I usually cut off the MXDLs. I'm sure I can find it though. Thanks!
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    Information driver

    You can order most of it online if you search, or www.ebay.com
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    Question about DDL driver resistor

    OK, I have made many standard DDL circuits and they hace all worked fine, even for the blu-rays. But I mostly just built them exactly as stated. Now I got a long open can from TheMonk and a Jayrob heatsink and want to crank up the current. So I thought by adding another 10 ohm resistor to the...
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    FS "L Open Can" modules  >Sold<

    Re: FS "L Open Can" modules  >Sold< I bought one of these because I didn't want my wife to see another Newegg box arriving. I am good at extracting the diodes and am good at soldering, but TheMonk is better. The whole assembly is really nice, the leads soldered on are really nice and much...
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    FS "L Open Can" modules  >Sold<

    Re: FS "L Open Can" modules I'll take that last one if you take paypal/google checkout. I don't feel like having my wife yell at me if any more Newegg boxes come for me. "How many DVD burners can you possibly need?!???!!"
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    WTB Sanyo Eneloop AAA Batteries!

    In case you have trouble finding them there, by mine they are a little hard to find, right when you walk in where there are all the batteries, and memory cards, etc, they were down low, under a table with the big cases of alkaline AA and AAAs.
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    Daisy Rifle Scope Lightsaber Mod

    Hmmmm,,, think I may have to stop at Big 5 or Sports Authority on the way home and see if they have those. Looks too cool to not try out... THanks for sharing!
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    WTB Sanyo Eneloop AAA Batteries!

    Also if you live by a Costco, or go to Costco.com they have the Eneloop kit. Comes with like 8 AAs, 8 AAAs, the charger and converters to make the AAs into C and D cells, all in a little case for I think $23. That way you have them for other things around the house.
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    hey every one^^ i need some help =p

    Hello, welcome. Please go to Experiments section, and at the top in the stickies, there is a thread called THreads Of Interest. Read all of those threads of interest. Most questions you have or will have will be answered in those.
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    mini blu-ray

    Really nice work Jake. Your work keeps getting better and better! Yeah I love firing the BRs into different things. Green plastic toys, radiator coolant, drops of olive oil on a CD, etc.
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    Micro laser driver - fits Aixiz/DX modules

    Nice. This looks really well done BTW, nice job. I will keep a lookout for the for sale post in the future and would be interested in a few.
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    has anyone here made a coil gun?

    Go to the bookstore and look for those " Projects for the Evil Genius" series of books. I know I have seen one of them that had one in there. Shows all schematics, how-tos, list of parts, and they sell most of the kits and or parts on their website, amazing1.com. For example...
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    Micro laser driver - fits Aixiz/DX modules

    Is that current regualting or just voltage?
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    DVD Burners that Rock for open Cans

    Well the Sony Opti Arc that everybody is getting from Newegg are rebadged Lite-ons. (you can tell the quality when you open one) I can actually unscrew the 4 cover screws then rip the rest apart with my bare hands and extract the diode in about 10 seconds with a razor knife. THE best diode I...
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    I need someone with patience

    Funny thing about this forum is when I joined I was just interested in making a burning red laser. I had basic knowledge of what resistors and capacitors did, but bare bones knowledge. Witht he help of many people here I have learned so much and have become interested and fascinated with things...
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    Blue and Green Laser Diodes (not DPSS!)

    Sounds really exciting. Enjoy Santa Barbara, it's amazingly beautiful there. I live in SoCal and can never leave. Anywhere I go I can't wait to get back. I can't afford to live in Santa Barbara due to the average home costing 3 million, but even where I live is still pretty nice. I hope you like...