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    Nichia nubm07e from Germany

    Hello, I am in need of a NUBM07e delivered preferably from Germany or EU (to Germany) as soon as possible (up to 4 days), preferably inside as a copper module, price range up to 100€. Seller MUST be a member of LPF for > 1 year with a good reputation. Payment can be arranged with Paypal...
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    Sanwu Pocket 488nm damaged lense

    Unfortunately, the lens of my Sanwu Pocket 488nm got damaged, the beam is unfocused and quite divergent now. Additionally, I possibly lost the spring inside - I am not certain if that one had a spring inside though - it's been a while since it got damaged and I can't quite recall. The diode...
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    Hello laser enthusiasts

    Hello everyone I am a (soon) 27 years old computer scientist from southern Germany. I got fascinated of laser by watching videos thereof on youtube. I like the beauty and "pureness" of the laserlight, the fact that light can be bundled so strong that it is able to even cut metals. I already...
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    Laser 304 lens cleaning

    I recently acquired the Laser 304 collection (https://www.sanwulasers.com/Green_Red_Violet_304_Laser_pointers/p3911805_15832422.aspx). I am satisfied with the product and I will order from Sanwu again soon. I do however wonder how to properly clean the Laser lens. I can see dust particles on the...