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    Jake21 is actually... AWESOME!

    About a month ago I made a thread here saying how terrible Jake21 is because his laser broke. Well after some initial arguing, I sent the laser back to him, and he made me a new one at no additional charge! In fact, the laser he made me is even more powerful than the original one I ordered! I...
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    Will trade $75 American Eagle Gift Card for DX 50

    Hi i will send someone the code on my AE gift card. I also have an American Express gift card for 25 dollars, and will throw in the number of that for something.
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    I'll buy someone's Dx 30 for 25 dollars

    because I can't buy it cuz I'm using american express gift card :'(
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    I'm having some serious troubles here

    Hi, I'm pretty new here, but have already had some big troubles with this community, after purchasing a laser. I recently spent $100 dollars in the form of visa gift card that I got for christmas on a laser from a user known as jake21. Jake is a good guy, not a scammer, and seems to invest a...
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    I have $100 dollars to buy a laser!

    so I am new to this place, but i know all about lasers, so I am just wondering what you guys would give me (I expect at least a 30 mW), but I'm just happy to put money in the laser economy.