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    Laser host kit for sale PRICE DROP $45! Only two left

    Sorry I meant coonie; and yes I have laser googles. I would greatly appreciate your recommendation, and FYI I fully understand the hazards, in my line of work we take P.P.E. very serious
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    Laser host kit for sale PRICE DROP $45! Only two left

    Cookie can you make me a working laser ready to work. I’m essential worker and don’t have time but I would love a blue laser
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    FS: NUBM07 4W 470nm SL S4X with G8 Lens

    Will the batteries be included? I’m ready to purchase
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    SELL! BLue laser and sky BLue with Great price

    Is it still available Will you ship to Texas USA?
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    FS F-25 600mW 445nm laser

    hi, i know it shows i am a n00b, but I am not, had to open another account. will my 75$ be able to take it, I have plenty of 445's , but my foreman at work keeps asking if I can sell him one of mine, This would make a perferct gift for him