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    Bluray Laser Help

    I just got my laser and put it together. When I turn it on, the beam is not a focused dot. It looks like a snow flake... Is this normal for BR driodes? I tried to take a pic but my phone doesn't pickup anything but the main dot. I thought it was my eyes but I tried it with a few other people and...
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    Bluray 100mw Diode Driver

    Its been a very long time since Ive posted here. I saw a kid playing with a little laser and it brought back memories. I checked ebay and the prices of bluray diodes has dropped. So I couldn't resist. I bought my self two bluray 100mw diodes. I tried to use one of my very old drivers which I...
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    WTB: VERY BRIGHT TORCHES[$50 or less]

    Im in need of very bright torches, something which will be alot brighter than the MXDL torch mod. If anyone has anything to offer, or knows of torches for under $50(preferable around $30) PLEASE post here or PM me. Im talking torches with around 100m throw if not more GO GO GO
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    Brightest Torch [$50 dollar Budget]

    Hey all, Well after completing the MXDL torch mod, its brightness is amazing. Its very useful for fishing at night and other stuff. I want to see what other torches people here can recommend for under $50(preferably around the $30 dollar mark) which will be much brighter than the MXDL torch...
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    WTB: Green Laser

    I'm sick of waiting for the DX back orders which take 3 - 5 weeks. I'm looking for 3 - 5 50mW DX pen/pointer style lasers. Not the TRUE ones, the other cheaper 25 dollar ones. If anyone here knows where i can get these kinds of lasers for the same price or has some to offer please let me know.
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    Any other useful parts?

    When ever i pull apart a drive to get the diode, i see all these glass optics and stuff in there. Any of these could be a use to me? What do they serve? Is their purpose to split a beam? Combine a beam? Change a beams colour? Reduce its power? Focus it? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    WTB: Green Laser[5 - 30mW]

    I am building a Spyrograph. I need a green laser which can be run for quite some time without it crapping it self. The 5mW newwish on DX is sold out and im not too sure if that laser can even be run for very long(can it?). Does anyone here have a green laser to sell which can be run for say...
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    Laser Show Music

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=130211601405&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=003 Im looking at this laser and i also heard this song. Wondering if anyone knows the name of this track or anything similar?
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    Using the LM317T, is there a way to use it so that it will push out 1000mA of current @ 3.7v?
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    TTL? What for and how

    Whats is it for and how do i use it? Are there any benefits?
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    Cheapest Possible Scanner?

    Whats the cheapest possible way to build either a green OR red(not both) xy scanner? Can it be done for under 100? Also how do i combine two lasers. I want to combine a green and red laser(cant afford a blue at this time :'(). What do i need for that? Is it cheap?
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    Blinking Laser

    Subject says it all. Is there a way to build a circuit which will "pulse" the power to the diode so to speak and as suck the output will be a blinking laser which POSSIBLY could be controlled(ie the speed it blinks at) with a potentiometer? Anyone have any useful links or guides which can help...
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    Projector Light Modification.

    Well i dont think i posted this in the right section but its worth a shot. Basically i have been reading about people making these really really powerful LED torches. Ive got a home projector and at the moment its pushing out ~400 lumens through a 400watt halogen light bulb. Do you think its...
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    WTF happened to my mxdl?

    I bought an MXDL off DX along with the ultrafire rechargeables and the charger(as recommended by users on this forum). I got the stuff yesterday. I tried out the torch and it was really nice and bright(off the ultrafires straight out of the pack). I depleted the batteries and went to charge...
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    FS [Red Laser Pointer Mag Lite]

    I got sick of my Mag lite so i quickly threw in a diode and now have something i dont need. Anyone interested in buying it? The diode is capable of 100mW CW and 140 Pulse. At the moment it is running straight of 2xAA no resistor and a current draw of approx 140mA. The diode is installed in a...
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    Housing from DX?

    Hey Can anyone recommend a housing from DX which i can easily mod to a laser and give a constant current of 120mA? Ive already thrown a open can into a MXDL 3W and have that pushing out some massive power. But now i need something smaller for some friends. Ive got a few 80 - 140mW diodes with...
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    FS IR Diodes(i think)

    Well i opened up 3 Pioneer 20x(115D) drives and extracted the LD's. I also discovered another Open can LD which i believe is a IR LD. I have no use for them and i believe they are working. I put 0.5mA into it to see if it lights up and i get the faintest bit of red light. Ive got 2 of these(i...
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    Two Diodes

    Hey all I just ripped apart a Pioneer DVR11D 20x burner. Inside the unit i found 2 diodes, one like our standard red looking diode except it has no glass in the little circle and another diode which looks like half of a regular diode. First off, i powered up the standard one and it was red so...
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    Modifying the DDL circuit

    Ok i extracted another diode from a scrapped DVD burner. It worked fine til i turned up the pot(i think too much) and now i got a LED. So i ask, how can the DDL driver be modified so that there is a threshold in power output and if i was to turn the pot to max it will not cause the diode to...
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    2W Sony Laser Diode

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/SONY-SLD324ZT-HIGH-POWER-LASER-DIODE-2W-DPSS-YAG-KTP_W0QQitemZ200194705258QQihZ010QQcategoryZ53141QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD2VQQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p1638.m122 Don't really know if its cheap but it looks it. Thought id share if anyone was interested. What is DPSS?