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  1. Toaster

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    Includes: Host, Lens, Flexdrive V5 @500ma, 1 battery LPC 815 $200 shipped USPS Insured PM me
  2. Toaster

    Mechanic Special (Sort of)

    Brother dropped my laser. Diode is LED'd Ehgemus host For protected 18650s Jayrob 405 G-1 Lens Working Microboost @ 500mA 12x BDR-205 (Dead) Asking 80$ plus shipping/PP Thanks
  3. Toaster

    Charger+Batts+Stuff = 35$

    Here is the leftovers from the laser. Included is the Charger, 2 Sanyo 18650s healthy *like new* And Stuff- Case (An old cannon camera case. Perfect size) *5 Suprises* 35 Shipped to US 48 PP fees included.
  4. Toaster

    Save A Laser Sale

    Hey Guys, this was a friend's laser, long story short, he passed away, I received the laser back and it was LED'd. Don't have the time to fix it and figured one of you guys would like it. Host is a Full Aluminum 18650 Ehgemus with a 445 Coated Glass Lens, there IS a FlexDrive Heat-sinked to...
  5. Toaster

    Dead Man's 445 Ehgemus Repair

    Hey guys, it's been a while! So about a year ago, I built a 445 for a friend with a Flexdrive at WOT in an Ehg host and Larry's 18650. Long story short, the dude killed himself and I was given back the laser. The diode looks LED'd but I don't know if it's from over driving or because he...
  6. Toaster

    28mV and 40mV Across 32650

    So, I have been using the crap out of my XMLT6 maglight while working on my car, but have run into a problem. Before I left for a vacation, I left the flashlight on the bench dead. Now today, about 2 weeks later they wont accept a charge. They read 28 and 40 mV on my DMM. Now, is there anyway...
  7. Toaster

    Put Your Calculus Hat On (Help)

    The Problem y=((X+1)/(X-1))^4 Chain Rule + Quotient Rule: y'=4((X+1)/(X-1))^3 (((1)(X-1)-(1)(X+1))/((X-1)^2)) Combining the terms, I get: y'=-8((X+1)^3)/((X-1)^5) BUT the book says(Notice the lack of negative): y'=8((X+1)^3)/((X-1)^5) So where did I get (Or lose) The negative. There...
  8. Toaster

    Pun Play (NSFW?)

    I have seen this a few years ago, and I just saw it again and not sure who have seen it but I know A few people that would get some laughs. Enjoy!! 8r6fXCgaP8c
  9. Toaster

    Online Classes.

    So I am going through my online class and there is this board for asking questions. Anyway, there is a MASS amount of people making pointless threads saying, "Hi" and "Wow that is hard" just spam threads after threads. A pathetic amount of spam and the professor got pissed for me to telling...
  10. Toaster

    Bend That Laser!!!

    So I was looking at Guide Stars today (The ones in observatories), and I came across this clip, And was wondering if it was a camera lens, or the curvature of the earth causeing the bend. Either way, you gotta love the 589nm. g77CxWquJEU Edit: Oh jeeze, I just seen it was a 360º Camera. Still...
  11. Toaster

    Need help with joke for old friend.

    So A long time ago, years, I ran across this video randomly called "lkjkl". It was obviously some guys just posting crap on the interwebs but we found the song and their dancing hilarious. Anyway, long story short, I am trying to find the song, but due to only a small bit of the song being used...
  12. Toaster

    Quitting Lasers for a While

    Well guys I have been having a hard time lately and I think it's time to stop for now. I just had a battery issue with cells from Larry, my 445 diode decided to pop at 1.5A after about 5 seconds. And now I just got my BDR 12x sled die when I noticed the focus was making a weird pattern after...
  13. Toaster

    Diode bright then Instantly Dim

    So the title says it all. I stated it up and it was bright as hell Then it went dim, :( Tried different batteries. Flex set at max and heasinked... Any ideas When I press the button its dright then it looks like its Led kSfB62oQm50 So much trouble lately
  14. Toaster

    (Over)Small A140 GB $37

    Hey I am gonna snag some of DTRs diode but I need 3 more people to help me out. If you are interested, Let me know!!! It will be $39 SHIPPED. This is actually cheaper than cost for me. (To ship).
  15. Toaster

    Please Help Diagnose This Battery Problem!!

    This is an issue I have only with Larry DFWs Un protected cells LG2600. If you know what this is, please let me know. The diode is flashing and wont use the whole battery. Thanks ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Sorry about the bad hosting site, but its faster than YT. And ignore...
  16. Toaster

    Funny Spam

    Today I went thoughmy mailbox and found this. You know how a lot of the ads don't make sense or just say. "kkkklljkljlkhkjl hot chick". So Anyway, here it is
  17. Toaster

    AixiZ Modules $2!!!

    I don't know if this has always been here. But $2 a piece seems good! Don't pay $5 to get a diode pressed, just get one for $2. Link
  18. Toaster

    Not Working/Exploding Driver

    I am not very official on reviews but I'll get the point to you. Link: AixiZ I have never gotten these to work. No matter what power supply I used, through my test load, when I turned the pot, I got from .8mV to 1.8mV. Joyous. So I had a 780nm laying around and I was like WTH. I turned it to...
  19. Toaster

    Dr. Lava Glass Lens Info

    Hey, I would ask the man him self but he is M.I.A.. For now at least. Anyway, whats this lens. It seems kinda generic, is it AR coated? What wavelength? Also, slightly off topic, but what are we going to do when he quits selling. We would kind of be screwed. Thanks
  20. Toaster

    Sig Sizes

    Maybe it is just me, but some peoples sigs just seems to be getting big and annoying. For example, ignus' takes almost half my screen at a time on my 15in MBP