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  1. mhakali

    Photography Question Nikon D60 or ...

    Hi. The D60 is *extremely* old. Both model and technology wise. I'd avoid it unless you get it for a bargain such as ~$50-$100. Looking at an entry DSLR take a look at the Nikon D3300 or D5300. Neither include in house AF motor. Which is used with older lenses (Usually the ones ending with a...
  2. mhakali

    Your next portable laser?

    Was a bit ironic with the recreational purposes part ;)
  3. mhakali

    Your next portable laser?

    Just found; Death Ray Tubes : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies Sorry if it's a repost. Anyone fancy a 100W portable CO2 IR laser? :) Great for recreational purposes. :wave:
  4. mhakali

    Cheap IR 808 & 1064nm block filter for single quotes

    IR filters can be found cheap in packs. However S&H can be high for ordering single units. I accidentally ran in to 808nm,1064nm IR filter/Laser pen ,power meter use /532nm high transmittance | eBay 98% blocking rate at 808nm & 1064nm IR filter. 97.5% transmission of 532nm. Great for LPM...
  5. mhakali

    I wonder what will arrive! [Dino Direct support]

    :thinking: I could probably convince the customer service of it :D
  6. mhakali

    I wonder what will arrive! [Dino Direct support]

    I guess you could count it as a portable photo album.. with strings. however no plastic holder for your pictures! :( It's quite literate exactly like the pictures. With a quite awesome carry bag case :) Was surprised with that quality (which probably exceeds the violin itself).
  7. mhakali

    I wonder what will arrive! [Dino Direct support]

    Meanwhile while awaiting my ILDA port I ordered 1x Fashionable Beginner Practice Wooden Acoustic Violin - DinoDirect.com white version. I am not sure if you would like a review of a music instrument, however, I find the description hilarious: Got it for $30.29 + S&H (around $30). Arrived in...
  8. mhakali

    Very dull 405nm from tmart<lol

    Cool IR 808nm reflections in the tub :D
  9. mhakali

    Omg!!! Dinodirect.. Supports nazi's??

    Can the OP please change title of this thread, as it obviously have nothing to do with Nazism? Besides, to the OP again, please liberate yourself. Even if it was a Nazi sign, wouldn't it be up to the buyer to select and/or select something else to purchase? PayPal on the other hand accept...
  10. mhakali

    Mhakali feedback

    Thanks for the feedback & incredibly smooth transaction! :) Best of joy with the Arctic! :beer:
  11. mhakali

    Lazerer VS skylasers

    Agreed.... (was not planning on buying one from them) Besides, they do not offer 671nm! :(
  12. mhakali

    FS: Feeler - 325mW 532nm FireDragon (thin beam)- $190

    Great price! :) What divergence & IR-radiation comes along with this price tag?
  13. mhakali


    Re: FS: OverSpec Green 400mW O-Like Torch Got an IR filter to pop in front of it to see output? :) And divergence measurements? (imho the most qualitative laser property!)
  14. mhakali

    Lazerer VS skylasers

    They do seem to have a supply of your products. http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/200mw-s-ky-green-laser-dinodirect-outputs-over-400mw-detailed-review-66589.html is for instance one received from them. This one was apparently very good. Can you from the pictures in that review tell if it's a...
  15. mhakali

    Lazerer VS skylasers

    Which is a fancy term for you not willing to replace the product manufactured by you and underspec? No worries. Did not expect this.
  16. mhakali

    Lazerer VS skylasers

    Maybe I missed something obvious, but where is their S200 model at $99? Anyhow, have one of their H532L-100-B-Fa lasers here. It outputs a stable 25mW. Rated 100mW. :D @alant001 can you replace it for me with an up to spec pointer?
  17. mhakali

    I wonder what will arrive! [Dino Direct support]

    :wave: will do
  18. mhakali

    I wonder what will arrive! [Dino Direct support]

    We have a fanclub :D レーザーポインター (Google translate) They seem to quote and comment a lot of our reviews and a lot of sites selling lasers :D Japan laser enthusiasts.
  19. mhakali

    I wonder what will arrive! [Dino Direct support]

    I wonder how the projector itself initializes the read of firmware. May be a beginners hacking project in my league finding out :p I guess you found it [link]. I actually got one of those on my door step aswell.. The mirror had fallen off for the Yellow mixing. So need to get a new one. All...
  20. mhakali

    Jetlasers 200mw 532nm Ti-B review.

    :thanks: for the review! Really cool! :D Looks like some laser you have there Sir.