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  1. Shiiru

    Lens for NUBM31T

    Hello, Could anyone please advise me on what lens to choose for focusing a nubm31t array?
  2. Shiiru

    Power supply min 110V 4A

    Hello, I’m in need of a power supply for my project that can make at least 110V 4A. Looking for advice :)
  3. Shiiru

    Looking for RGB laser

    Hello, I'm looking for an RGB laser, in nice host. Post the offers below please :) Thanks
  4. Shiiru

    Safety - Packages from China - Coronavirus

    Hello, So I’ve ordered a few lasers from sanwu and I was thinking if there is any chance of getting infected by the coronavirus by getting a package from China. So I decided to ask you all, is it possible to get infected with coronavirus from a package from China?