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  1. BeeOD

    What are the best quality and priced goggles to use when using both a blue 7 watt and a green 1+ watt ?

    I purchased a blue 7 watt and green 1+ watt laser for my husband and I need to get him goggles. The goggles he has are cheaply made off of eBay for a cheaply made laser he had. But I know these new lasers are strong quality lasers and the more I research I find that the goggles he has are no...
  2. BeeOD

    Hi, I'm BeeOD

    I became interested in lasers when my hubby told me that he wanted a green laser. So I looked around on eBay looking for a good deal, come to find out what I purchased was no deal at all, what I got was a very cheap laser, and I'm not talking about price either. So I set out to find a decently...