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    M140(445nm) and BDR-209(405nm) burning lasers for sale.

    Hey all, I have two lasers up for grabs. They are both built in a great little host (1-18650 or 2-CR123.) Both have a custom copper heat sink, and I will include a 3 element and a G2 lens with each one. I’m asking $100 ea. Shipped within the US. M140(445nm) Survival laser driver set at 1.6...
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    Oclaro 700mW 638nm, 1.1 amp. Custom Copper HS, S2 Host For Sale.

    I have a metal lathe, so I decided to make a few lasers heat sinks. Here is one I just finished last night. It’s copper and has good mass to it. The host is an S2, and is really high quality, and the blue/grey color is amazing. The oclaro 700mW diode is driven by a survival laser driver with...
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    Will one of you driver gurus tell me if this driver is suitable?

    I’m wanting to do three builds and I need a 17mm. boost driver for each of them. I’m having a hard time figuring out what I need. I’ll list the diodes and currents I plan on running. Here is the driver in question. Why do they specify a nm range? Another thing I don’t quite understand. In the...
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    FS: 16X BDR-209 Burner For Sale.

    I'm selling this great 16x burner I just put together. It is a BDR-209 with a G2 lense, a flexdrive v5 glued into the pill with arctic alumina, aluminum heat sink, and a really cool convoy s2 host. The host holds one 18650 battery (included.) The driver is set at 600mA and between the heatsink...
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    PHR Blu-ray In An Aixiz For Sale. **With Extras**

    I have a new PHR installed in an Aixiz. It has been powered up at 110 ma to test it. **Extras** I will toss in a glow in the dark dust cover and a vaseline marble. $15 shipped. Thanks, Jon
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    Pocket Sized Cree Chrome Laser Kit With Pre-installed Flexdrive For Sale.

    I have one kit available. It has a pre-wired flex drive v4 that I will set to whatever current you want. It will also come with a polished aluminum heat sink and a dust cap. All you need is to do is install your diode, aixiz, and a battery. This is the same assembly as the pocket mini. This is...
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    Pocket Mini Sized Blu-Rays lasers and Host's For Sale. Cool, Chrome Cree Hosts!!

    I have two completed lasers and two kits available. The lasers have a PHR Blu-Ray diode, an aixiz, a glow in the dark dust cap, an aluminum heat sink, and a Flexdrive v4 driver set at 110 ma. The lasers will come with a new cr123a battery and a vaseline marble. These are brand new builds...
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    Pocket Sized Chrome PHR Build For Sale.

    Pocket Sized Chrome PHR Blu-Ray's For Sale. I have a couple of these Cool, Chrome Cree host PHR Blu-Ray's For Sale. They have a polished aluminum heat sinks, a PHR diode in an aixiz, Glow in the dark dust caps and a v4 flex drive set to 110 ma. Each laser will come with a new cr123a battery...
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    415 ma  Long Closed Can Red. Tiny Cree Host. $90

    I just built this killer little red burner. It has a long closed can red out of a 6x sled. The diode is driven by a V4 flex drive set to 415 ma and it is a very hot burner. It will light matches and pop balloons within a second or two. It has a polished aluminum heat sink and an AR coated lens...
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    635nm Pointer For Sale. **SOLD**

    This is a cool pointer using the not so common 635nm diode. It has a more orange color than the usual 660nm red builds. It is only running at about 5mw, so it's not a burner. The 635nm wave length is very visible to the human eye, so it looks allot brighter than 660nm at the same power level...
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    Pocket Size Blu-Ray For Sale. SOLD!!

    This build  is a Cree host that is just slightly bigger than Jayrob's pocket mini. It has a cool, chrome finish with a glow in the dark clicky and dust cover. The diode is a PHR and it is powered by one cr123a battery(included) and a V4 Flex Drive set at 110ma. It has a polished aluminum heat...
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    Mini Husky From Home Depot Blu-Ray Build..

    This is my build out of the new 3xAAA tail clickie Husky host from Home Depot . I used 3 10440 batteries and a ddl driver. It is a pretty tight build with the ddl and some minor machining is required, but very doable as a 2'nd or 3'rd build. The heat sink is a machined to fit fender washer glued...
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    F/S. LCC Red, PHR Blu-Ray, And 6X Blu-Ray Pkt Mini

    I have 3 lasers for sale. The first is a LCC MXDL build This diode was harvested out of the 6x sled. It has a Jayrob heatsink and a ddl style driver set to 463 ma.  2 new cr123a's are included. $75 $60 shipped. Sold To HumanSymphony. Second is a PHR in a husky host. It is a good sized host that...
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    Long Closed Can Red Burner For Sale. MXDL Host.

    This is a great burner! It is the LCC red diode out of a 6x Blu-ray sled. I have it running at 463 ma with a ddl style driver. The host is an MXDL 7 watt with a Jayrob V2 heatsink that I polished to a mirror shine. I will include two brand new surefire cr123a batteries too. This is a very...
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    Two, 10280 200 mAh batteries available. *SOLD*

    I purchased two 10280 batteries recently from  AW and I am no longer working on the project that needed them. They are brand new, never opened. They are  200 mAh.  Asking what I paid. $9 + $1 to ship. These will ship out of the USA, so if you live here, you will get them in a few days instead of...
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    Red Keychain Burner for sale. $45 shipped. *SOLD*

    This was a red build that I just finished. It is a cross between Kenoms Teenie burner and the Lowes keychain light Jayrob uses in his blu-ray build. It is a red 16X diode ran off of 3 lr44 button batteries like in the teenie burner. On a fresh set of cells it will light sharpied matches and...
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    Is this boost driver useful to us??

    I found this boost driver and I was wondering if it would be useful to us, while the lava drives are on back order. The voltage is there for blu rays and reds, but what about the current? It looks like it adjust to what ever it is operating, up to 500 ma. How could we set that, or do we have to?
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    Wanted: GGW-H20L 6x Sled

    Does anyone acctually have one of these for sale?? There is an absulute cluster going on in the group buy forum, that seems to be counter productive!! Will someone please just sell me a GGW-H20L 6x sled?? Thanks, Jon