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  1. -UnkownOne

    I built a 1w 525nm and the s4x host I got from Surivual lasers, and the tailcap system isnt working

    Hello, I was building the laser and everything put together but the laser won't turn on when I took apart the tail cap and the ring and button, the s4x host, took out the tailcap board and copper ring and tried it like that and it worked, for some reason the ring isint making contact with the...
  2. -UnkownOne

    I bought a NUGM03 525nm 1w doide from DTR And need to know some things

    So I bought this diode from dtr and was wondering if there are any drawbacks like is there anything I should know before building the laser together or if the g8 lens is a bad choice, is there gonna be a box with g8 lens or no? Thanks, everyone, Artem Edit: DTR wrote about this diode and...
  3. -UnkownOne

    Need a host made that can fit a 1W 525nm diode and driver from DTR

    I was planning on building a 1w 525nm laser with survival lasers hosts but was wondering how much would it cost for a custom one to be built with extended and tapered heatsink, pictures of options if possible thanks
  4. -UnkownOne

    Anyone wants to buy anything for Jet lasers for cheaper shipping?

    I wanna buy the 520nm 700mw mini-pro, shipping is 38, So was wondering if anyone wants to share a buy for cheaper shipping price? Edit: the USA, Washington state is my location
  5. -UnkownOne

    JetLasers PL-E pro 520nm 700mw, can you push it to 850mw?

    I saw that jetlasers have this power and I saw that dtr also has same power diode but it can be pushed to 850mw, so I was wondering if you take apart the host and take out the driver can you adjust to push the diode to 850mw or is it not possible?
  6. -UnkownOne

    I wanna make a host out of Damascus steel for a 450nm 7w

    I wanted to know if anyone can make one and how much will it be I will provide the steel