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  1. Toaster

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    Bump 150 Shipped
  2. Toaster

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    Well Then someone can make me an offer! Thanks for the bumps guys!
  3. Toaster

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    I don't have a LPM it's an unmarked battery runs continuously for 30 min +. I told you what current it's running you can estimate output based on that. You can also turn the pot on the driver and press in a 445 diode for a badass handheld unit. If you don't have anything positive to say, and...
  4. Toaster

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    Lens is in a plastic housing. I built it years ago. I'm not selling an "LPC." I'm selling a complete working laser with battery in a custom aluminum host with a 100% duty cycle shipped to your door. I used "Flayminpyro" wire and flux if that makes a difference to you. Please keep opinions...
  5. Toaster

    Wallbuys.com (The cheapest lasers are here)

    I got a 405nm "5mW pen for $10 shipped off ebay years ago that put out over 200mW. Still works
  6. Toaster

    FS Ehgemus CR123a FlexDrive LPC 650nm

    Includes: Host, Lens, Flexdrive V5 @500ma, 1 battery LPC 815 $200 shipped USPS Insured PM me
  7. Toaster

    Dragon Laser Hulk IR Filter deletion

    Lol.. You guys are worried about ~110 mW of IR . Sissies. I have NEVER used goggles even with a 2W 445. Never had the slightest problem. Don't look at the shiny end.
  8. Toaster

    Hey are you still doing hosts, man? Looking for a 32650 Host. Send me a PM.

    Hey are you still doing hosts, man? Looking for a 32650 Host. Send me a PM.
  9. Toaster

    STINGRAY-3 Review " Hercules Killer"

    The host looks like a turbo compressor with an anti-surge housing.
  10. Toaster

    2W 445 DTR Frankenstein Ultrafire RL-2088 Handheld Host

    Wow, I remember this thread when it first was started.... Is T_J really banned or is that a joke. Old Thread.
  11. Toaster

    Mechanic Special (Sort of)

    Did Ehgemus hosts go up in price or something?
  12. Toaster

    Mechanic Special (Sort of)

    Host was dropped onto hardwood. Yobresal got it. Thanks all
  13. Toaster

    Mechanic Special (Sort of)

    Brother dropped my laser. Diode is LED'd Ehgemus host For protected 18650s Jayrob 405 G-1 Lens Working Microboost @ 500mA 12x BDR-205 (Dead) Asking 80$ plus shipping/PP Thanks
  14. Toaster

    Charger+Batts+Stuff = 35$

    There are 2 Sanyos and 2 LGs that didn't really like extended draws. 2 Sanyos that behaved great. Both from Larry DFW. Less than an hour on all batteries. I didn't figure I would advertise the LGs but they are good for anything under 1.5 A Draw for under an extended period. Really didn't want...
  15. Toaster

    Charger+Batts+Stuff = 35$

    And bump K guys there is 2 more 18650s in it and a opaque uranium marble.
  16. Toaster

    Charger+Batts+Stuff = 35$

  17. Toaster

    Charger+Batts+Stuff = 35$

    Here is the leftovers from the laser. Included is the Charger, 2 Sanyo 18650s healthy *like new* And Stuff- Case (An old cannon camera case. Perfect size) *5 Suprises* 35 Shipped to US 48 PP fees included.
  18. Toaster

    Save A Laser Sale

    Bump for batts!
  19. Toaster

    Uranium Glass Tubing

    What about these tubes with a marble on the end with a 405 down the tube. Could look cool for like a night light/lamp sort of deal.