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  1. alessnilsen

    Driver test

    I found the driver was defective, it just quit working, I'm already dealing with the seller for a replacement one. When possible I'll update this. Thanks for the help! 😄
  2. alessnilsen

    Driver test

    Need to check this out, the first test I did was with 8 diodes, then I started to ditch one by one, until the output voltage reached 4,5V, I could have messed this up, because I was using a 1Ohm resistor, so at 4,7A it would have 4,7V across it. I grabbed a 0,68Ohms resistor and tried again...
  3. alessnilsen

    Driver test

    Hi there! I bought this driver to drive a NUBM08 diode, but before I connect it to the driver, I would like to test it, but I don't know what to look at. My idea is to connect three diodes in series with a ampmeter to make a test load and conect a osciloscope in paralel with the driver output...
  4. alessnilsen

    Advice on laser for engraving

    Hello! What a big time since my last activity! :) I have a laser printer/engraver that is powered by a 1,6W 450nm laser module and I can get pretty sharp and deep contrast pictures on MDF sheets. The best speed for printing is 1400mm/min which is very slow, but was the fastest the machine...
  5. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Yeah, that's true, I don't recommend this board, I still using it because is powering a LPC-815 and I have 5 more of it in cause that one gets damaged.
  6. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    So, what kind of damage can occur? If the diode starts draining more current, then the voltage will be reduced by the current regulator.
  7. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    I managed to get it to work with the LPC-815, first I turned it on with the LD connected set to 400mA, then I measured the voltage across the LD, I got 3V. Next step was to set the voltage trimpot to 3V. Using the osciloscope I seen that when the TTL goes high, it aplies whatever voltage was...
  8. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Good news! My board comes with the "laser" label on the back! (ehr, no!) So this board will get another uses, far far away from my lasers of course. :p
  9. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Thanks for the answers! :thanks: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, for a laser driver it has no point to have a voltage set pot at all. It is being sold as a laser driver, here is the link if anyone is going to buy it...
  10. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Yep, two trimpots, the blue for current and the tiny for voltage, I think the idea was to be able to use it as a buck regulator with current limit. I assembled another diode, a LPC-815 and set the current to 0,4A, it powered up as usual, very bright red light, then I disabled the driver using...
  11. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Agreeded! :beer: That is hard to know, because on my test load it worked at expected, this is sad because lets a little hope that it will work again. On the past I was supplying it with 1,2A, to get maximun longevity, as I didn't knew this driver, I started with 700mA. Now a thing that came...
  12. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Yeah, that's what I did, think of a test load, usually you have diodes and a resistor, I just removed the resistor and connected my multimeter as a ampmeter, then I set the driver to 0.7A. Then, I disconnected everything and put the multimeter in voltmeter mode and measured the voltage across...
  13. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Hello! I recently disassembled my PLTB450B laser to use it on a CNC project of my course, I already got the machine up and running, but I stuggled with the laser part. I bought this driver to use with the laser, it claims that have TTL, needed for my project. I did the soldering of numerous...
  14. alessnilsen

    Got red?

    That's a nice red collection, I only knew the 635nm by a LASER level that my dad have (5mW is very bright). Never had seen 685nm. Thanks for showing. :beer:
  15. alessnilsen

    Don't be careless with an open can diode.

    They're very fragile, if the spring that holds the lens assembly slips and touch the die or the small human hair like wires then the LD is destroyed! I killed so many LPC's that I lost the count, but I don't remember if I already killed one by dust coming in contact with the LD interior, the...
  16. alessnilsen

    How do you use your Class 4 Greenies?

    I don't even use my 1.4W 450nm, don't have time to enjoy it. :undecided:
  17. alessnilsen

    Have you ever killed a Laser?

    Killed so many LPC-815 that I lost the count! Broken pin, assassin charged capacitors, too much current etc... I killed my 445 1W LD by soldering it with reversed polarities. :cryyy: So I bought another (PL TB450) and assembled a better laser than the previous one. :beer: Also killed a 405nm...
  18. alessnilsen

    First DVD laser

    I have some experience with DVD lasers and I can help. Read all before doing something. Probably the LD you'll get is a LPC-815 that is a open can diode capable of 250mW @ 400mA. If memory don't fails, the LD of your GH22NS50 will be hard to extract, it will be glued deep into the sled that is...
  19. alessnilsen

    some pics in the fog 12/24/15

    Very nice job, I always liked those straight lines made by lasers, align it like you did seems very difficult without some specialized holder. Nice! The orange one is a eye candy. :beer:
  20. alessnilsen

    What music does LPF listen to?

    I liked this. :beer: