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  1. alessnilsen

    Driver test

    Hi there! I bought this driver to drive a NUBM08 diode, but before I connect it to the driver, I would like to test it, but I don't know what to look at. My idea is to connect three diodes in series with a ampmeter to make a test load and conect a osciloscope in paralel with the driver output...
  2. alessnilsen

    Advice on laser for engraving

    Hello! What a big time since my last activity! :) I have a laser printer/engraver that is powered by a 1,6W 450nm laser module and I can get pretty sharp and deep contrast pictures on MDF sheets. The best speed for printing is 1400mm/min which is very slow, but was the fastest the machine...
  3. alessnilsen

    PLTB450B puts out only a flash

    Hello! I recently disassembled my PLTB450B laser to use it on a CNC project of my course, I already got the machine up and running, but I stuggled with the laser part. I bought this driver to use with the laser, it claims that have TTL, needed for my project. I did the soldering of numerous...
  4. alessnilsen

    Aliexpress 200mW green laser review

    Hello, I decided to risk my money into a laser from Aliexpress, I expect at least > 50mW from it, so if it burn stuff I'll be happy. THE STORE: The store are located at this address 'http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1512025', soon as I bought the laser, all the products was excluded from the...
  5. alessnilsen

    DIY audio amplifier opinion

    Hi! :yh: Sometime ago my uncle told me that he wanna use two speakers into her computer, he asked how the connections should be done, I said that to use the full power of the speakers he will need a audio amplifier, since I like to build things and had many experiences building audio...
  6. alessnilsen

    First build in Aixiz module (aka. Fire Hydrant Laser)

    Hi! :yh: After about 2 weeks I got some aixiz modules to start my new generation of lasers. This is my FIRST build with aixiz module, so, it don't looks so beautiful than my other DIY lasers. I used a 300mA linear driver from a dead green laser pointer, a gear as heatsink and PVC water pipe...
  7. alessnilsen

    Question about aixiz modules

    Hi! After using much the lens/housing from DVD-RW to make my lasers, I decided to start in the aixiz modules world. To start, I got 5 of those modules and got a LPC-815 to play with it. I pressfitted (that word is right?) the LD in the place, screwed the lens on it and powered it on, but I got...
  8. alessnilsen

    First 450nm build PLTB450 (with pics)

    Hello! :yh: Today I finished my 450nm laser! The decision of make a DIY laser was done here and the full project was developed here I got all the most important parts from China, with Aliexpress. All the parts took about 3 months to arrive! The LD is a PLTB450 of 1,4W, driven at 1,2A by a...
  9. alessnilsen

    LG BD-ROM laser diode

    Hi! Today I got a BD-RW of unknown model: Anyone knows what laser diode it have?
  10. alessnilsen

    DIY tripod for my laser

    Hi! I had an idea to make a tripod/stand for my laser and then, I did it! It uses almost hot glue, wood, hair elastics and MDF. This will help me a lot! :) Thanks!
  11. alessnilsen

    Can reflections kill a laser diode?

    Hi! I was playing with my 650nm red laser, collimating and defocusing the beam, and, suddenly, my laser diode died! Now, I want learn from this, but I can't understand why my laser died. I was using a little lens from a DVD sled (the one with 6mm) and a big glass plano convex lens, the first...
  12. alessnilsen

    1A LM317 driver with current selection switch

    Hi! I wan't make a driver for my Nichia NDB7412T, I have a 7.5V 4.5A power supply laying arround. I wan't use a 1.2R resistor to get 1A from the LM317 but I ever used a power supply of 9V ~ 12V for this. I'm afraid if 7.5V is enought for my laser diode and LM317, I wanna get 1W from this...
  13. alessnilsen

    My 250mW 650nm popping a baloon at 4.2m

    Hi! I ended changing the lens of my last red laser, I optimized it to burn at various meters of distance, the last test that I done was with a black baloon at 4.2m! And the baloon popped instantly! Thats the coolest thing I ever done! I think it can do the same at 5~6m, but due to the lack of...
  14. alessnilsen

    The best beam shots I ever made! 532nm/650nm

    Hi all, I hope somebody will enjoy this beam shots. :wave: Here I use almost two type of lasers: 2 X LOC @ 415mA - 250mW 650nm 1 X DPSS 532nm - 75~100mW And, only one beam shot of my died 405nm laser. :o So, let's start! ------------------------- cut here ---------------------------...
  15. alessnilsen

    Help to buy a 445nm from aliexpress (solved)

    Hi! I was searching for 445nm lasers in aliexpress and found this: Link on aliexpress It is suposed to be a 1W of 445nm, and is from skylaser(s) (i read some good reviews, but found that it have a bad reputation here). I was abble to get it from U$87.91, now is U$99.90. Since I don't have...
  16. alessnilsen

    Sucessful built a red laser with my dead 405nm host and driver

    Hi! Here you can find what happened with my 405nm laser. After some time collecting the parts, I finally was abble to assembly a 650nm laser within this host and driver! I don't know the current of the driver, but I put a LOC on it and is very powerfull. ---------- Here you can see the...
  17. alessnilsen

    My second red laser project (with pics)

    Hi! I'm building my second red laser project, is a more compact version of my actual red laser. It uses a 24X DVD burner laser diode (from a LG GSA-H55N [my favorite burner for getting LD's]) that runs at 415mA, I don't know how much mW they put out, I think is around 250mA, if someone know let...
  18. alessnilsen

    Help to refocus my 405nm laser

    Hi! I got a new Laser 303 100mW 405nm, works great and is very powerfull. When I was putting the battery to recharge, I accidentally drop the laser head into the ground. The laser was fine and working perfectly, but the beam is now unfocused :mad:. I observed the host searching for loose...
  19. alessnilsen

    Working current of SH-S182D LD

    Hi! Today I disassembled a Samsung SH-S182D DVD Writer to use the LD. I extracted the LD sucessfully, is a frame type laser diode, to test which is the red one, I used a driver set to 100mA, what is a secure current. Here some photos of the LD: But if I remember, this LD works with less...
  20. alessnilsen

    Did my power controll switch killed my LD?

    Hi! I finished mounting my powerfull red laser using a GSA-H55N laser diode and a DDL driver set to 415mA, after some play burning plastic, I decided that my laser is too dangerous and need some way to limit the output power. The circuit I used is this: For some days it worked like a charm...