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  1. Jhop

    3Watt 445nm Laser SOLD

    Hey all, I am having some financial hardships(medical bills) And I am trying to make money wherever I can. This is my least used laser, so I am gonna let it go. I purchased from Pman last December. he built it. it is quality like all his builds. It has had maybe 10-15 minutes run time. I will...
  2. Jhop

    Feeler for selling Collectors video games

    Hey all, I know this is primarily a laser forum. However I have been trying to see what i have to sell(to buy more lasers :D) And back before I was a Laser enthusiast I was an avid gamer/collector. I have some nice items I am probably gonna put on ebay, but thought I would reach out to my...
  3. Jhop

    Some dumbass shined a laser at a helicoptor in Detroit

    Arrest made for laser at MSP helicopter, push is on for legislation - Video | WJBK Not just any helicopter, a Police Helicopter! He got arrested. I hope this wasn't anyone on forum :eg:
  4. Jhop

    I am building a new gaming PC :D

    I am finally making it a reality, I may have made a withdrawal of some money from my 401k to make it happen :whistle: So far i have bought the case, PSU and another SSD: Thermaltake GT 10 Full size ATX case (This thing is AWESOME) -->...
  5. Jhop

    Sanwu Spiker Saber w/ 3x Beam Expander

    My Sanwu beam expander came yesterday! Works great. :D I will try and get some beam shots up on here soon. <3 Sanwu
  6. Jhop

    Carrie Fisher died, age 60

    Princess Leia has returned to the force. :( This year keeps taking them away. So sad :(:(:(
  7. Jhop

    Final Fantasy XI

    Any current or former players of Final Fantasy XI here in LPF? I used to play back in the ps2/xb360 era for about 4 years. If you are interested in playing again. I play on a nice free private server. Has lots of cutomizations. And a good amount of players. Anyone can join. And you can import...
  8. Jhop

    Star Wars Rogue One

    I saw it last night. OMG :D:D:D:D I LOVED IT. It is soooooo good. It delivers. I wont spoil anything. but WOW. I am going to see it again tomorrow. Just. Wow. Also i couldnt believe how many people were there! The theater was packed! absolutely mobbed! People talking about Star Wars...
  9. Jhop

    1.6w Spiker beam shots

    I took some beam shots of my Spiker Saber over a smoldering fire pit and thought they turned out pretty well!
  10. Jhop

    Video game music

    So I thought I would start up a thread of people's favorite video game music. The reason, I just re discovered an amazing soundtrack: Tetrisphere - from Nintendo 64. This has got to be one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. awesome techno beats and lots of bass...it sounds amazing on my...
  11. Jhop

    Spiker saber help

    So my spiker saber styler came today, and I cant seem to get it to turn on :( I tried protected batts, and unprotected. But the tybe is long, and the unprotected slide back and forth, so i tried magnetic spacers on the positive ends of the unprotected batts, and it closes the gap but satill no...
  12. Jhop

    Building a new PC

    I am Planning to build a new PC. My current build is almsot 6 years old, and is starting to show some age. Plus the new GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards look sooo nice and while I could get one in my current build, my older CPU would bottleneck performance I am afraid. What my current build is...
  13. Jhop

    Spiker Saber incoming :D Question for Podo

    I just ordered Sanwu Spiker Saber Style 445nm 1.6w wooooooot I was kind of confused about the shipping though, on the website i Selected the expedited shipping for 20$, but then on the payment screen it added another 20$ for shipping? is this right? Podo have any information? or anyone else...
  14. Jhop

    Vermin Supreme: Remember a vote for me, is a vote thrown away :D

  15. Jhop


    Anyone in the SE of USA being impacted by Hurricane Matthew? it is looking nasty and is going to make landfall on Flordia this afternoon/evening. Latest radar reports look nasty. I hope none of the LPF folks are near there and if so be careful!
  16. Jhop

    WTB Blue builds

    Hello, I am looking to buy any built Laser in blue wavelength from 445-473 Nothing super powerful, I would like to spend around $100. Hoping for somthing close to 1watt. Please PM or reply here if you have anything to sell. :thanks:
  17. Jhop

    520nm 501b Scifi laser 200+ mw

    Hello, I don't have the proper resources to do a full review so I'll just put this here. I recently bought this laser from LPF member Alex2893 for $60 The details: 520nm 200mw+ Scifi 501b Laser Push button on tailcap G2 lens It takes 2 16340 batteries. i am using 2 efest 16340's. It arrived...
  18. Jhop

    Cleaning sanwu pocket

    I was wondering if I were to clean the lens on my sanwu pocket, what would be the best way to do so without harming the laser? :thanks::beer:
  19. Jhop

    Sanwu Saber Spiker question 1.6w 445

    So I think the next laser I am going to add to my collection will be the Sanwu Saber Spiker, the cheapest on the list at 1.6w 445nm. I was just wondering how well does this burn at 1.6w, and what all will it burn. white paper? cardboard? or are those still out of reach for 1.6w? Also if it has a...
  20. Jhop

    Whats in your ears? (Music thread)

    I didn't see one of these anywhere so I thought I'd fire one up:whistle: What kind of music does everyone like? what are your biggest favorite artists? I am a Rock/Heavy Metal lover, as well as a huge progressive rock enthusiast and just about all rock from classic rock(60's/70's/80's) to punk...