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  1. Sta

    Hong Kong protesters using lasers as weapons?

    Posted without comment... https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5240651
  2. Sta

    FS: 5W 470nm Sanwu Silver, 1.6W 638nm diode

    Hi guys, I’m selling off some stuff... I’ve gotten into plasma art which is a way more expensive hobby than lasers! :p First up is a 5W 470nm Sanwu Silver. Sanwu sells it for $400, I’m asking $275. It’s in very good condition and still outputs a very clean beam. Edit: SOLD Next a 1.6W 638nm...
  3. Sta

    SOLD: Multiline Orange HeNe

    Hi everyone, I've got a pretty cool laser up for sale today, a multiline HeNe that I bought about a year ago. I hate to let it go but it mostly just sits around in a box all day and I have no real use for it. It measures 5mW on my LPM, and as you can see it outputs all four orange HeNe...
  4. Sta

    WTB: Any CNI lasers

    Hello folks, I’m willing to purchase any laser that was manufactured by Changchun New Industries. Basically any CNI pointer/handheld that you’d like to let go of. PM me if you’re interested in selling. :)
  5. Sta

    WTB: Any 477nm/480nm

    Hello folks! I know it's unlikely, but if anyone has an extra laser built with a 477nm/480nm diode, I'd be willing to take it off your hands for at least twice what you paid for it. As an obsessive wavelength collector, this is a hole in my spectrum that must be patched! :P If you accept...
  6. Sta

    Wonderful coincidence + my return

    Hello folks! I took yet another long leave of absence recently, and for multiple reasons. I started an internship at a laser company, for one. But another thing I discovered, and which fascinated me, is cryptocurrency mining, specifically Monero. I'm sure most of you have heard of Bitcoin -...
  7. Sta

    LaserCentury 593.5 - completely unacceptable

    I recently purchased a 593.5nm 20mW laser from LaserCentury, for $720. Right now I am so furious that the only thing I can call it is a piece of shit. I waited three weeks for them to ship the laser out. When it arrived, this is what it looked like. Distance 10 feet. I cannot believe this...
  8. Sta

    WTB: Portable 593.5

    Hello folks! I recently decided that my 593.5 pointer (<1mW) was not powerful enough, so I'd like to purchase a 593.5 in portable style (a PGL-III-C or similar). If you've got one of these and are willing to sell it, please PM me or comment below. Thanks! :beer:
  9. Sta

    Looking for a reliable starting projector

    Hello folks! I've recently decided on purchasing an RGB laser projector. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that I know absolutely nothing about them. I'm looking for something in the ~$400 range, and I'd like a full-color projector with power ideally around 1W. Can someone point me to a...
  10. Sta

    Explanation for my mysterious absence

    Hello folks! Many of you may have noticed that I've been mostly absent from the forums lately. I've had a lot of work to do lately, and also, I've been quite occupied with, well, a certain woman in my life... :whistle: But rest assured I'll be back and active on the forum soon. :beer:
  11. Sta

    WTB: 120V whitelight ArKr

    Hello folks, Title says it all, I'm looking to buy a complete whitelight ArKr that works on 110/115/120VAC. If you've got one of these units and you're willing to sell it, please PM me or comment below. :)
  12. Sta

    Will this JDSU 2213 work with a 2114-type PSU?

    Hello folks! I recently discovered an argon head, 2213-150ML YW type, on eBay. Here's the link: JDS Uniphase Laser Head 2213-150ML YW, made in USA | eBay I'm considering purchasing it as an upgrade to my current argon, which is a 2214-40MLA head with a 2114 type supply. However, I'm not sure...
  13. Sta

    Where to go next?

    Hello folks! Being that I purchased a 612/609/604/594 HeNe recently, I've mostly completed my spectrum, filling almost all the gaps except the 405-445 region. Also being that I have a 7W NUBM44 build, I don't have much further to go in terms of power. But I still want to expand my collection...
  14. Sta

    PSA: Cool down your 589s and check for extra lines!

    Hello folks! In the past few months, myself and a few other users discovered some strange properties of DPSS lasers, particularly 589nm and 532nm units. When cooled down, certain DPSS lasers display anomalous behavior, including multiline activity and main-line shifting. This is believed to...
  15. Sta

    GUIDE: I want my first laser!

    Hello folks! Recently, I've seen a surge in threads creating by people who are looking to take their first steps into the laser hobby. Many people ask questions like, "What's the best laser I can get for under $50?" and "Where can I find a good burning laser?" This thread is intended to answer...
  16. Sta

    WTB: 671nm portable

    Hello folks! In my pursuit of DPSS wavelengths, I've now come across 671nm as the next color in my sights. I've messaged Lasever and been quoted the following prices for a 671nm cylindrical module: 100mW - $350 200mW - $400 300mW - $480 However, I'd prefer to purchase a 671nm portable from a...
  17. Sta

    My multiline argon - video!

    Hello folks! I've been procrastinating on this one for a long time, but today I finally had time to make a video about my argon. There's also a nice little unlicensed advertisement for Gary's Eagle Pair goggles, because he deserves the publicity. :D :beer:
  18. Sta

    583.8nm and 589nm, the golden brothers

    Hello folks! Since I recently got another 589 (instead of the intended 561), I decided to make some images of 589 and 583.8 before my 100mW 589 PGL-III-C possibly gets sent off. As you all know, 589nm is a really cool color - but 583.8 is a league above it. 583.8nm, the 'mid-cold' line of my...
  19. Sta

    Cheated by tomfire1735

    Hello folks. I recently purchased a 561nm PGL-III-C from tomfire1735, and it arrived today. Only problem is that it isn't a 561nm laser. Instead, he sent me a horrendously mode-hopping 589. Fortunately, I agreed to not pay for the laser until it arrived, so I have some leverage in this case...
  20. Sta

    Killer deal on USB spectrometer! (update: legitimate!)

    Hello folks! I found today a shockingly good deal on a USB spectrometer from Thunder Optics. It seems that the spectrometer was only released yesterday -- but the price is $70.00, for a full, working spectrometer!! I've never seen any price that low on a USB spectrometer; this is an...