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  1. Scottyzedinosaur

    Good to be back!

    Hey everyone! Left here for quite a while for college, and I seem to have gotten the hang of the whole college thing.:D Anyways, just posting here to say it's good to be back and I'm excited to start building again.
  2. Scottyzedinosaur

    Scott's going away sale..

    Hey guys, selling this kit to a newbie who would like everything they need to get addicted to lasers...;) Included will be: 1.2W 445nm laser built by myself, with some anodizing removed to make it look...well, awesome. Heh.:) 2 sets of safety goggles, because I know you'll want to show your...
  3. Scottyzedinosaur

    EDC anyone?

    Just wondering if you guys EDC'd, and post pictures and/or lists. No camera, but right now I am carrying: SOG Twitch II Old wallet Droid incredible 4Sevens Preon 2 Victorinox Hiker SwissTech 19 in one tool Post yours!
  4. Scottyzedinosaur

    Laser that burns the dust particles in the air?

    Just curious, do we have the technology to create a laser that burns all the little dust particles in the air? Just a cool little thought I had today while burning with one of my lasers..
  5. Scottyzedinosaur

    Can anyone help me identify this diode?

    Hey guys, I had a computer to screw around with, so i decided to "recycle it" into a laser. My only problem is I cannot identify the diode...so I can't find the pinout or current to run it at. It has a really short can though...I got it from a DVD/CD ROM RW. And there were two diodes; one in a...
  6. Scottyzedinosaur

    Aixiz focus knob...lost mine.

    Hey guys, I simply CANNOT find my aixiz focusing knob...:o does anyone have one they can send me? I have no need to buy another module just for the knob...nor do I have the money. So I was just curious, because I know jayrob and flaminpyro and others make focus adapters, and I'm sure people have...
  7. Scottyzedinosaur

    Green laser to IR laser?

    Hey guys! My greenie started mode hopping terribly, and I can't fix it. So I was curious if it was possible to make an IR burner out of it? I have some IR goggles for this, if I didn't, i wouldn't be asking this. That'd be pretty stupid. Plus, it already has a key switch, so it would be safe...
  8. Scottyzedinosaur

    Need a recommendation here, thanks for helping:)

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a green laser to add to my collection, and have checked a lot of websites, but can't seem to find what I want. I've checked: Wicked Lasers(I'm leaning toward their elite model...but I don't trust wicked too much.) Optotronics(too expensive...$160 is my limit;looking...
  9. Scottyzedinosaur

    Is your arctic still functioning?

    Just thought I'd open a poll, to have an idea of knowing how many peoples arctic is still working. Almost like a head-count. Thanks for looking!
  10. Scottyzedinosaur

    Problem with 445...please help.

    I've built a few lasers, and have never had this happen. I bought a kit from flaminpyro(excellent work, flamin:)) and, excited to see the blue light, put it together. I didn't rush or anything; i didn't want to make any mistakes. So i shorted the driver, set the current at 1.2 A, put my goggles...
  11. Scottyzedinosaur

    GREAT experience with olike. Thanks Susie!

    I ordered some batteries quite some time ago, and accidentally gav olike the wrong shipping address. I emailed Susie to try and correct this, and I thought we did, but the package never came. So I then emailed her, and toldher the package never came. Her response? "Please kindly wait, we will...
  12. Scottyzedinosaur

    PHR in a maglite solitaire

    Hey everyone! So I got bored with my current lasers, and decided to do something a tad challenging to me. Probably not too challenging for many of you out there, but I hadn't seen it done besides Daves solitaire 445, but that was direct drive. So I made a mag solitaire blu-ray laser, WITH a...
  13. Scottyzedinosaur

    PHR in a maglite solitaire...coming soon!

    Hey guys, i was just letting everyone know that within the week, i will have finished a very simple and cheap maglite solitaire build, including a driver! will post here to let everyone know how it works, and the assembly process. got the sled on its way!! The entire project cost about 20-30...
  14. Scottyzedinosaur

    WTB: Forward clicky for Cree 18650 C6

    Pretty self explanatory. I'd like to know where to buy a forward clicky for a Cree C6 18650 light. I have a kit on order from Flaminpyro, and I'd like to have a forward clicky on it. I checked lighthound, but nothing. Does amyone here have any you'd be willing to sell? Thanks! Scott
  15. Scottyzedinosaur

    Melles Griot bag

    Hey guys! I got my package from Melles Griot for posting my "laser story" Here it is! it feels pretty high quality:) its smaller thcan i thought, but still nice.
  16. Scottyzedinosaur

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Hey guys, me and my friends used to debate this all the time. I'm from Atlanta, so its Coke or nothing:na: So, how about you guys? Pepsi or Coke?
  17. Scottyzedinosaur

    Build Section?

    Just curious if this could be done. I, for one, love seeing other people's work, but every time I search for "445 build" or "Green build" or anything, I just get random threads. The most common is the spyder III arctic thread, cause it has SO MUCH random stuff in it. so, i was curious if this...
  18. Scottyzedinosaur

    Silver dilda host!

    hey everyone, i sanded down a dilda 2 host (by hand, so its a little sloppy. will polish it later.) and im going to put a 6x in it. it was my old 400mW IR, but sadly, i dropped it, and it died. i took it apart, and the internals looked kinda crappy. it always seemed to be underpowered at well...
  19. Scottyzedinosaur

    New style dilda indicator help

    Hey everyone! hope youre having a nice day...:p anyway, aside from greetings, i need help. i have a 400mW IR in a new style dilda host. id REALLY like to add an LED indicator for safety by drilling a hole in the host, and wiring it up. its just a small led, came from a broken guitar tuner. im...
  20. Scottyzedinosaur

    Greenie build...not so satisfied..

    hey everyone, i recently found an awesome host at home depot, it has everything ready for a laser build, the wires are even sitting right there for you to connect them:) this host would be really great for a diode build...but not a green. ha. it didnt work out AT ALL. the module's wayyyy too...