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  1. wolfram

    Looking to buy a 1W+ 445nm laser from a member

    you can pm Trinh. He probable has something for you. Or try pming Thangtung
  2. wolfram

    FS: Sold

    ist uber wonduvar!
  3. wolfram


  4. wolfram

    1.5 watt violet mini

    I would keep the duty cycle short at that PO. These can go pretty high, but the reduced life span is probable. Good luck.
  5. wolfram

    Virgin NUBM44 Laser Diodes For Sale.

    nice! Some body will pick these up. 🤘 ;)
  6. wolfram

    Wanted to Buy : Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator

    PLEASE.........some body help this guy! He is just about to slip out of his strait jacket. :ROFLMAO:
  7. wolfram

    WTB: Laserglow Aquarius (or other 473nm pens)

    Good quality, very expensive for po
  8. wolfram

    Sell !! green laser 750-1000mw 525nm

  9. wolfram

    Sell !! green laser 750-1000mw 525nm

    hey trihn, I was just ruffling your feathers........your ok in my book!;)🍻
  10. wolfram

    Sell !! green laser 750-1000mw 525nm

    well now Trehn.......what will it be? COLD feet, RED HOTS-a-smokin, or a good rep?????
  11. wolfram

    Sources for Styropyro 5.5w ebay build = ?

    Some one is brain dead
  12. wolfram

    Sell !! green laser 750-1000mw 525nm

    Trihn is LEGIT!!!!!......Duh.......So why don't you buy? You a Troll?????
  13. wolfram

    Looking for a Machinist / Lathe turner in Germany or the EU

    in the short, you can always use a vise and the back half of an axiis module. You just have to place a piece of leather, rubber, or wood, so as not to damage the diode receptacle
  14. wolfram

    FS: Sold

    I hope that the forum moderators don't ban me. I'm not drunkin trolling, I'm just have a bit of fun at a bad time in the world.
  15. wolfram

    FS: Sold

    Hey, I will take a little coffee with mine. Paul, a word of wisdom-Don't mess with lasers after a big bowel of chili😅or😖
  16. wolfram

    FS: Sold

    Hey Paul, drinking spirits and smoking are less addictive than this hobby. The only reason that I stay committed, is because of nicotine. I indulge in the hobby between smokes. Well, to be honest, the beams do look awsome in the smoke:LOL::ROFLMAO:🤘
  17. wolfram

    FS: Sold

    come on ya know you want it :p o_O🥂🍻
  18. wolfram

    Alot of free various laser diodes

    Thanks, I will ponder the need. 🤘 🍻