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  1. wolfram

    for sale: Two large finned heat sinks for Maglite builds

    SOLD , Two massive finned aluminum heat sinks made by Mccrouse. These each have a hydralically pressed copper insert within each center. These also have focussing fronts. These are made to hold aiixis sized module. They are for attaching to D cell maglites, in which they thread on exactly. I...
  2. wolfram

    650 1+ Watt labby

    SOLD!: a lightly used 1 Watt labby that I had purchaced off of Dave Guin. It uses a c-mount diode and is focusable. It is a great burner ! You have seen them from many different Chinese distributers for much more than I am asking. It plugs into a 110v wall socket for convenience. I am...
  3. wolfram

    battery spacer

    Hey, i was looking for, and trying different things to act as battery spacers for my mag lite builds . ( i am currently using an SBX driver with 26650 battery for 3.5 watt diode.) Then it dawned on me , why not use a 50 amp fuse. Sure they are more the size of 18660 cells , but with the right...
  4. wolfram

    pentium Oem heatsink for 3.5 diode host

    I drilled and tapped the copper round piece of a pentium Oem heat sink. I placed a 3.5 diode in a copper module head and screwed it into the sink. Im using an SBX 2 driver running at 4.0 amps . The laser output is about 5-5.2 W. I also placed sinks on the driver. Even after running 10 minutes ...
  5. wolfram

    WTB WL E3 red 100-125 mW laser pointer

    Hello , I am looking for a WL E3 red 100-125 . I would like to add to my collection. Is anyone looking to sell one ?
  6. wolfram

    new laser company

    Hello , is any one here familiar with TEM-Laser company ? "http://www.tem-laser.com/index.asp "
  7. wolfram

    yet another laser shop

    Has any one bought from this shop "http://www.yourlaser.com/" They seem to have some nice hosts , and they advertise high powers .
  8. wolfram

    WTB jet lasers PL-C 405 >500 mW

    Hey guys , I am looking for a >500 mW 405 PL-C from Jet Lasers.
  9. wolfram

    1 watt 650nm handheld

    Hello , I have been looking for an hand held laser that is 1W 650nm range and hopefully focussable. Ive tried companies , but was not happy with the service. Can anyone help me out? -wolfram
  10. wolfram

    beam combiner unit

    Hello , I just thought if any one is interested , I would post this link -"http://www.princetel.com/dl_bc4.asp?gclid=CPWI-5mNmaYCFUdrKgodTma9oA". It is for an up to four laser laser beam combiner. I sent them an e-mail to inquire about a price. If too expensive singly , maybe a group buy then...
  11. wolfram

    couple of 665 nm 250 mW lab style w/fans

    SOLD - Here are a couple of lab style units. They both have p.supply and fan. 665 nm . 250 mW . Focus adjustable. Both house Mr. D's modules...
  12. wolfram

    450mw 658nm laser burning high power laser diode

    I found and bought a red 658 nm module off of EBAY. This thing is a real good burner for the money . It consumes over 550 mA and puts out almost 500 mW of bright red energy! Of course one must focus it , which is easy since it comes with a lense focusing wrench. This module comes with it own...
  13. wolfram

    WTB combiner cubes

    Hello, im looking to buy a couple combining cubes . If any one has a couple extra please let me know. Wolfram
  14. wolfram

    Red and Blue

    I have a couple of simple maglite builds that I am looking to part with. If interested , please pm me. Both have less than 10 minutes operating time. One is a lpc815 the other is a phr 803T . Both have RKCSTR drivers aixis modules ,small copper heat sinks on module over diode area. Both have 9v...
  15. wolfram

    This Co. looks interesting.....What ya think?

    Hello brothers and sisters of the light. I found this co. while browsing Hong Kong E-Bay. (http://www.eazzydeal.com/catalog.asp?catid=41340&subcatid=41008) Sure It may be typical, but I just thought someone might be interested. They sell a 200 mW violet hand held for $60.00 Free shipping! Just...
  16. wolfram

    great deal on 200 mW Green module.....Perhaps?

    This is for those GREEN lovers out there! Its what I consider to be one of the best prices on a 200 mW green module . Also , you don't have to wait weeks for it to arrive! If you live in the states. I hope it is legit. Hre is the link ......please tell me what you think...
  17. wolfram

    808 2-3 Watt hand held WTB

    Does anyone have a 2-3 watt hand held 808 nm that they want to sell ? there used to be a fellow from GB , who used to sell them , but I cant find the thread. please assist me in my search Thanks Wolfram
  18. wolfram

    2-3 watt labby

    Hello, Im looking for a 2-3 watt labby. anybody looking to give one of these up? Ir, Red, near IR. let me know........Wolfram:)
  19. wolfram

    looking for a 3-5 watt IR labby

    Hello Buds, Im looking for a labby for some better burning. I would prefer near IR 808 nm ,810 nm. I say IR because it seems that the 600's nm is very expensive. Whereas the IR diodes are much cheaper. Yet the Ir are very powerful. and hence, I do have glasses. Please let me know if anybody can...
  20. wolfram

    pc100 16 chip 256 mb laptop ram

    Hey , does any body have or know where I can get a couple sticks of pc 100 16 chip 256mb laptop ram ? I have an old laptop that I received from a relative before they threw it away. It is a Dell inspiron 3800 pentium 3 @600 MHz. It only has 128 mb ram , and I increased the virtual ram to 512 mb...