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  1. mod101

    Did anyone manage to light a candle?

    sometimes you just need to try another candle. Some candles just burn too easily. I could never light cheap small candles, if you have any others take a try. Sometimes its the candle sometimes your just steady enough who knows there are a lot of variables. If your laser can burn the wick away it...
  2. mod101

    Did anyone manage to light a candle?

    Try defocusing it a little, if your cutting through the wick then it means your laser energy is too concentrated, try defocusing it a tiny bit and then blow lightly.
  3. mod101

    Laser saves dogs from Coyote

    I would be weary about using a shotgun (unless using slugs) around dogs, but the rifle would probably work well if your in an area that permits the usage of guns.
  4. mod101

    Laser Cigarette Lighter?

    What about building a cavity about the size of a cigarette, the cigarette could go inside of this cavity and have the laser focused and pointing to a good spot. The cavity would need to be tight enough to prevent leakage of light but it might work with a 1watt 445 The only problem I see is...
  5. mod101

    Laser saves dogs from Coyote

    Although I wouldn't be happy about shining lasers in animals faces and possibly causing harm in this instance I think it's a necessary evil to prevent his dogs from being attacked and possibly killed.
  6. mod101

    1-1.3 Watt 445nm Host Ass'ys w/Driver and Heat Sink ONLY $50!!

    Re: 1-1.2 Watt 445nm Host Ass'ys w/Driver and Heat Sink ONLY $50!! These are linear drivers right? Im interested in making a 12x blu ray soon so i might be interested in one of these.
  7. mod101

    New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **3/2011 batch is here!**

    Re: New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **2/2011 batch is here!** Hey got my lasers today! The only thing I dont like about these is beam color on the sticker is red (I know thats how its supposed to be by law but I really like having the sticker being the color of the laser so I can glance at it...
  8. mod101

    Another Warnlaser victim

    I dont know if it works with 808nm but this may have been done years back before 405nm diodes were common. Now a days, 405nm diodes are so cheap that no one would ever build an 808->404 crystal set because its simply less expensive and much easier to buy a diode and install it.
  9. mod101

    Super Beast Green

    I would have offered to do it but I don't feel my post count or rep is high enough for me to be a 'trustable' member of the forums. Vets like Phenoix77 are trustable, because they have so much put into the forums and they wouldnt want to destroy that, also they might be able to use an LPM on...
  10. mod101

    Super Beast Green

    If you found someone trustable in the US you could get them to order it and ship it to you.
  11. mod101

    Flag this video

    If we dont comment then people will assume its ok to go and do things like this. We CAN NOT have more people running around shining class IV lasers in public like that. If this continues someone will get hurt or something will go wrong and we will be to blame. Who cares if we give him...
  12. mod101

    Do you think we could make a map of LPF members

    And then after you finish off as a wavelength junkie you move on to things like multi-line argons and other similar lasers :na: No helping you now :D
  13. mod101

    Just starting out- looking for recommendations

    Well if you want to go check the member map here http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/member-map-52652.html You could see if any vets live near you with an LPM, No one lives near me but you might be more lucky.
  14. mod101

    New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **3/2011 batch is here!**

    Re: New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **2/2011 batch will be here soon!** From what he has said most of His lases are overspec around 30mw but its more or less a grab bag, there is no guarantee on output on this set of lasers. hey swim, are you still testing outputs before shipping, If so...
  15. mod101

    New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **3/2011 batch is here!**

    Re: New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **2/2011 batch will be here soon!** Swim has a batch with him right now, Hes planning to ship on monday due to time constraints with swimming, If you already paid they should ship monday.
  16. mod101

    All the stuff your local police confiscated from you.

    You seem to be a lucky person, Of course we all know there are some good cops out there (which you seem to have met more often than us) but for every good cop there are a number of bad cops. Cops can be just as stupid as every day people sadly.
  17. mod101

    What are your favorite Iphone/Android games?

    Two words Angry Birds.
  18. mod101

    Flag this video

    At first I didnt think it was that bad of a video, maybe not the smartest guy, but once I saw the shining out of the car part I was astounded of his stupidity. In the Legal, safety section I remember some member said their laser got taken away and almost arrested for doing that, They were almost...
  19. mod101

    Optotronics 150mw Green Laser

    Ahh I've had my 1watt 445nm for a month now and I completely forgot I had a stash of fireworks thanks for reminding me!
  20. mod101

    Just starting out- looking for recommendations

    Quality from either ebay and amazon would be similar I would suspect. I would vote ebay just because Itemquickship is so highly respected around here for cost/power/quality of his lasers. I doubt you could find a better 8$ laser than from itemquickship. (also as his name suggests he ships fast...